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News Release
Clean Energy Jobs Bill shows good progress toward historic action - 02/01/19

PORTLAND –– Oregon Environmental Council applauds the Clean Energy Jobs bill released by the Gov. Kate Brown and legislative leaders this week.

"We deeply appreciate the hard work that has gone into the Clean Energy Jobs bill and look forward to working with state leaders to strengthen and pass a cap-and-invest program," said Andrea Durbin, Oregon Environmental Council Executive Director. The bill will cap greenhouse gas levels from the state’s largest polluters and makes those companies accountable for every ton of pollution they emit.

“The Clean Energy Jobs draft includes strong annual caps that decline over time, no longer making it free to pollute. We applaud the new accountability the bill creates for the largest emitters in the state and the economy-wide approach,” Durbin said.

“With scientists saying that the next decade is critical for climate action, Oregon needs to look at this bill through the lens of future generations," she said. "Are we doing all we can to protect our kids, communities, and economy from climate impacts?”

“We look forward to working with legislators to ensure that the majority of proceeds will be invested into communities most impacted by climate change in rural and urban parts of the state, maximizing opportunities for energy efficiency, renewable energy, clean transportation, job training in growing industries, and protecting communities from wildfire risk,” Durbin said.

For more information about the bill, visit OEConline.org/CleanEnergyJobs.


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