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State Library Employee Nominated as National KLAS User Group President - 11/08/22

The State Library of Oregon celebrates Crystal Grimes, Talking Book and Braille Library Patron Account Coordinator, on her recent nomination as KLAS User Group President. This national group provides feedback on KLAS, a software system that houses collections and more for Talking Book and Braille libraries. KLAS was specifically designed for libraries that serve the blind and physically disabled. Regular feedback from libraries that use KLAS is essential so that the database can seamlessly meet patron needs.  

In her role as President, Crystal will be representing most Talking Book and Braille libraries across the country, plus any others that use KLAS. Her job will be to bring forward any feedback or concerns to the Keystone group that works on and develops KLAS. This role goes two ways – she will also bring any new information from Keystone employees to KLAS users. 

Crystal will attend conferences as KLAS User Group President and will solicit feedback from users there. She monitors the online forum for KLAS users as well to ensure that no ideas or concerns are missed. Her role as President will last one year, and then she will take on the role of Past President for another year.  

Crystal’s hope is to encourage engagement and participation in committees and online forums. She says that it’s important for people to realize that anyone can provide feedback, no matter their position. “Everybody can have an idea,” Crystal says. “You don’t have to be a manager to throw an idea out there.” She talks about her experience as a circulation technician and thinking that she didn’t have anything to contribute, but then realized how important it is for people in those roles to speak up because they’re the ones working with KLAS the most. This leadership opportunity will give Crystal additional opportunities to expand her communication skills and serve at the national level.  

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