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Multnomah County Sheriff's Office Roadside Memorial Dedication - 09/02/14
On Thursday September 4, 2014 at 1:30 p.m. the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office will host a roadside memorial dedication ceremony in the Fairview City Hall, City Council Chambers, 1300 NE Village St. in Fairview, OR. 97024. At the dedication ceremony a roadside memorial sign will be unveiled honoring the memory and ultimate sacrifice of Reserve Sergeant Scott Collins and Reserve Deputy Mark Whitehead who lost their lives on February 26, 1993.

On February 26, 1993 Multnomah County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) Reserve Sergeant Scott Collins and Reserve Deputy Mark Whitehead were on routine patrol in a marked patrol car traveling eastbound on I-84 near 207th Ave. A driver in the inside lane of I-84 traveling westbound lost control of his vehicle, hit the grass median strip and flew into the eastbound lanes. The undercarriage of his vehicle sheared off the top of the MCSO patrol vehicle, killing Reserve Sgt. Scott Collins and Reserve Deputy Mark Whitehead instantly. The driver of the vehicle had a blood alcohol content over .20 percent.

In 2011, the Oregon Legislature passed a law to honor police officers killed in the line of duty. The law set up a program to allow for a roadside memorial sign to be installed on a state highway to commemorate fallen officers. Since 2011, roadside memorials have been approved through a concurrent resolution for thirteen other law enforcement officers throughout the State of Oregon.

The roadside memorial sign will be installed along the I-84 freeway near the site of the 1993 accident. The sign will honor the memory of the ultimate sacrifice of Sgt. Scott Collins and Dep. Mark Whitehead in the service of the communities they served.

Public and media are invited to join members of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, Oregon Legislature and other elected officials for the dedication ceremony of the roadside memorial sign. This memorial is being paid for by private funds and will be a constant reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving while giving the families of those two deputies a visual reminder of the appreciation felt by the entire community for their sacrifice. Family members of both Sgt. Collins and Dep. Whitehead will be attending the ceremony.

A reception will be held in the Fairview City Council Chambers following the afternoon ceremony.
Multnomah County Sheriff's Office MCSO Search and Rescue recruiting volunteers for Search and Rescue Program - 09/02/14
No experience required! The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office will begin enrollment this week in its annual Search and Rescue (SAR) program - open to those interested in volunteering their time. An orientation meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2014 and again on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at the MCSO Hansen Building located at 12240 N.E. Glisan St. Portland, OR 97230.

Those who enroll in the SAR training program will become members of the MCSOSAR tradition, becoming members of an active search and rescue team that is regularly called to find the lost and care for the injured in the Columbia River Gorge, throughout Multnomah County, and around the state of Oregon. The program will accept volunteers over the age of 14, in good health, who are able to pass a background check. Middle and high school students must be making sufficient progress toward their diploma.

The 8-month program offers training and experience in current search and rescue techniques and culminates in Oregon State Search and Rescue certification. After the first month of training, new members will be able to participate in some searches. After just a few months, they can participate in all search types.

Key elements of SAR training include search techniques; wilderness awareness; outdoor survival skills; evidence identification and crime scene preservation; land navigation using GPS, map and compass; medical assessment and first aid.

This program is unique in that it is specifically youth oriented and provides an opportunity for those under 18 to hold leadership positions within the unit. All ages work side by side during training, missions, and events.

Those interested in joining are encouraged to attend either of the orientation nights. Questions can be emailed to or check out our website at for more information.

MCSOSAR Recruitment PR attached.
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Correction - Update: 89-year-old portland woman uninjured after 80 foot fall down ravine in vehicle (Photo) - 08/13/14
Correction - Update: The driver of the vehicle is identified as Alva Mae Hurst of Portland, OR. Initially her age was reported as 89 years old, her age is actually 85.

---------------Original Message-------------------------

On August 12, 2014 at 11:37 p.m., deputies from the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) were dispatched to the area of SE Division Rd. and SE Troutdale Rd. to investigate a single-vehicle crash. An 89-year-old Portland woman called 911 after her vehicle left the roadway and slid down an 80-foot embankment into a creek bed and heavy brush.

The woman was disoriented and unsure where she was. 911 dispatchers were able to obtain an approximate location for the woman by tracing her cell phone's GPS signal. MCSO deputies, along with other first responders, spent several minutes attempting to locate the woman's vehicle. The darkness and dense forest made it difficult to see the vehicle from the roadway. Deputies eventually heard the woman's car horn and were able to locate her in the wooded area just north of SE Division Rd. and west of SE Troutdale Rd.

Gresham Fire was able to reach the vehicle through a private property off of SE Troutdale Rd., to the north of the creek bed. The woman was extricated, assessed by medical personnel at the scene, and released to a family member.

Local roads were wet from afternoon thunderstorms and the initial investigation indicates that the woman lost control while heading eastbound on SE Division Rd. SE Division Rd. was closed for approximately one hour between SE Troutdale Rd. and SE Williams Rd.

MCSO was assisted by the Troutdale and Gresham Police Departments, the Gresham Fire Department and American Medical Response.
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Update: Multnomah County Sheriff's Office conducting death investigation near Oneonta Falls - 08/11/14
Update: The deceased is identified as Joseph Holly Kincaid Jr., Age 49, of Portland, OR. The Medical Examiner determined the Cause of Death to be blunt force trauma and the Manner of Death was ruled accidental.

The area the body was located at along the Historic Columbia River Highway was approximately fifty yards east of the Oneonta Gorge tunnel near the roadside. It was at the bottom of a steep embankment leading up to a cliff face. The top of the cliff was estimated to be approximately 300 feet.

-----------------Original Message------------------------

At approximately 8:00 a.m. this morning, Sunday August 10, 2014 MCSO Deputies responded on the report of a body seen along the side of the Historic Columbia River Highway by a passerby just east of the Oneonta Gorge tunnel. MCSO Deputies arrived and located the body of a deceased adult male about fifty yards east of the Oneonta Gorge tunnel. MCSO Detectives and the Medical Examiner were notified. The Historic Columbia River Highway was closed in both directions for approximately two hours just east of the Oneonta tunnel while the investigation was conducted. Initial indications are there are no signs of foul play.

The body has been turned over to the Multnomah County Medical Examiner's Office. No additional information is available at this time pending identification and family notifications.
Multnomah County Sheriff's Office detectives arrest former Juvenile Justice employee after investigation into misuse of public funds - 08/07/14
Former juvenile justice employee, Davia Nemkevich, Age 42, of Vancouver, WA was arrested by MCSO detectives after a Multnomah County Grand Jury indicted Nemkevich on charges of Official Misconduct I, 4x Theft I, 5x Theft II, and 2x Theft III for misuse of public funds while she was employed as the Nutrition Services Manager at Donald E Long Juvenile Detention Home (JDH). Nemkevich was taken into custody after meeting with MCSO detectives this evening.

The law enforcement investigation began on April 16, 2014, after a Multnomah County employee contacted Sheriff Dan Staton regarding potential misuse of public funds by another employee. After listening to the employee, Sheriff Staton immediately contacted MCSO detectives and the District Attorney's office to initiate an investigation into the allegations.

The three month investigation uncovered a pattern and practice of misuse of a county procurement card, county equipment and other county resources by former JDH Nutrition Services Manager Davia Nemkevich for personal gain. Davia Nemkevich had already been placed on Administrative Leave on March 11, 2014 by the Department of Community Justice (DCJ) as they were conducting an internal investigation. MCSO was not contacted regarding the ongoing investigation by DCJ and became aware of the internal investigation after MCSO detectives began working the case.

As part of the investigation the Multnomah County Auditor conducted a review of Nemkevich's county purchases between July 1, 2011 and April 30, 2014. There were numerous items and purchases that were identified as not being made for county use. A significant portion of the purchases occurred within the last 12 months. The suspected amount of loss is conservatively estimated to be $16,757.91.

Davia Nemkevich was transported and lodged at the Multnomah County Detention Center.
Booking photo is available from our website at

Questions regarding Nemkevich's position and duties can be made through Multnomah County Communications Director Dave Austin at 503-803-8616.
Multnomah County Sheriff's Office to conduct "Operation Undercover Crossing" pedestrian safety enforcement mission - 08/07/14
The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office will commence "Operation Undercover Crossing" on Friday August 8th, from 10:00am until 2:00pm. Friday's operation will take place in the area of 102nd south of Prescott in the community of Maywood. This will be the first of several pedestrian safety enforcement missions conducted by the Sheriff's Office over the rest of the summer.

The focus of this detail is to raise pedestrian safety awareness of drivers and pedestrians through education and enforcement of pedestrian right of way laws. Both pedestrians and drivers will be observed during this mission.

Approximately 75% of motor vehicle - pedestrian car crashes are due to driver miscalculations when yielding to a pedestrian crossing the street. In 2012, 18 of the state's 61 pedestrian fatalities occurred in Multnomah County and the death toll rose to 61 from 46 pedestrian fatalities in 2011.

According to Oregon law, drivers are required to stop for a pedestrian trying to cross in a crosswalk until the pedestrian reaches the sidewalk, or is at least one lane past the lane where the driver has stopped. Failing to stop or remain stopped for a pedestrian in a crosswalk is a Class B traffic violation punishable by a fine of $260.

Passing a vehicle stopped at a pedestrian crosswalk is also a Class B traffic violation, also punishable by a fine of $260.

Funding from Oregon Walks and the Oregon Department of Transportation has made Operation Undercover Crossing possible.

If you have questions about this mission or would like to ride along with deputies during the event, please contact the MCSO Public Information Officer.
Multnomah County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue locates lost hikers on forest service road near Nesmith Point - 08/06/14
This morning, Wednesday August 6, 2014, MCSO Search and Rescue (SAR) units were deployed from Horsetail Falls to locate two hikers who became lost on the trails late last night around Nesmith Point and did not know where they were at after taking a shortcut. MCSO Patrol deputies received the initial call late last night and after determining the lost hikers were somewhere near Nesmith Point, contacted the MCSO SAR Coordinator. Both hikers were uninjured and were fine but did not know where they were. They had limited supplies and no protective gear but temperatures were very mild in the area. The MCSO SAR Coordinator arranged to have MCSO SAR and MCSO Green Hornets deploy in the morning as the area the hikers cell phone was pinged was several miles up the trail near Nesmith Point and the hikers were in no immediate danger.

MCSO Green Hornet Trail Rescue and MCSO SAR team members were deployed into the field at approximately 5:45 a.m. this morning. The hikers were located on a Forest Service road near Nesmith Point at approximately 7:30 a.m. by an MCSO SAR team checking roads as they were being transported to their deployment point. The hikers were uninjured and in good condition. The hikers were transported back to the command post.

The hikers, identified as Zachary Hale, Age 21, of Vancouver, WA and Tisha Urioste, Age 18, of Vancouver, WA said they started their hike yesterday at around 2:00 p.m. on the Oneonta Gorge Trail and hiked up the trail, then took the Horsetail Creek Trail and continued east. They tried to come back down Devil's Backbone and Rock of Ages but it appeared to steep and they turned back. It started getting dark and they lost the trail and stopped. They realized they were lost and called for help. Both hikers did not have any emergency supplies or hiking equipment with them but did have some water. They stayed where they were after calling 911 and waited for Search and Rescue units to locate them. They were both happy to be off the trail and safe.

The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office would like to remind anyone contemplating a hike or outing on hiking trails within the Columbia Gorge and other scenic areas to carry the proper equipment when setting out including a map, compass, flashlight, extra food and water, extra clothing, fire starter, knife, first aid kit and signaling device. A GPS and a cell phone with extra battery. If you do become lost, staying in place helps searchers locate you as they are searching the area. Carry bright colored clothing you can hang on a tree to attract attention. Hiking with a group or a friend, stay together and keep each other in sight. Let someone know your plan and when you expect to return so someone knows if you are overdue. The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office wants everyone to have a safe and enjoyable visit to the scenic areas in the Columbia Gorge and other hiking areas.