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Hillsboro Police Focus On Traffic Safety - 08/18/14
In Oregon last year, 997 child passengers under age eight were injured and three were killed in motor vehicles crashes - of these, 12 were riding totally unrestrained.
It's critical that child passengers use the right safety restraint for their age, weight and size - and to help ensure this, law enforcement from local police agencies, sheriff offices and Oregon State Police will participate in the "Click It or Ticket" overtime campaign throughout the state from Aug. 25 - Sept. 7.

It's worth the effort to make sure our most vulnerable passengers are buckled up correctly. And most Oregonians do: a statewide observation survey from June 2013 found 98 percent of Oregon's motoring public using safety belts, making Oregon the highest belt use state in the country. Still, in 2012, 61 of Oregon's 198 occupant fatalities were reportedly unrestrained.

Hillsboro police are participating in ODOT grants from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for overtime safety belt enforcement campaigns.

For child passengers, Oregon law states the following:

* A child weighing less than 40 pounds must be properly restrained in a child safety seat.
* A child under one year of age or weighing less than twenty pounds must be restrained in a rear-facing child seat.
* A child over forty pounds but under age eight or less than 4' 9" tall must be restrained in either a child seat with harness system or in a booster seat that raises the child up so that a lap and shoulder belt system fit correctly.

Please click it, properly restrain kids and drive safely!

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Hillsboro Police Clarify Suspect Information - 08/12/14
Beginning in the month of May, Hillsboro PD was investigating a series of pharmacy robberies that occurred in the cities of Hillsboro and Beaverton over a period of 43 days.

A gun was seen or intimated in each of those robberies, and officers were concerned about an escalating threat of violence.
On July 4, 2014, officers arrested Adam Michael Horstman, age 28, of Gaston in connection with those robberies. Mr. Horstman was lodged at the Washington County Jail on suspicion of multiple robberies.

On July 9, 2014, Mr. Horstman was released from jail as the Washington County District Attorney dismissed the case pending additional investigation. After further investigation, Hillsboro Police determined that Shawn Michael Simmons, age 29, of Beaverton was the primary suspect in the listed string of robberies. Simmons was arrested on July 24, 2014 for the robberies and lodged at the Washington County Jail.

The District Attorney did pursue charges against Simmons, and he was indicted by a Washington County Grand Jury on July 28, 2014 on multiple charges related to the pharmacy robberies.

Based on the facts gleaned from the investigation, it has been determined that Mr. Horstman was not involved in the string of robberies.

No further information is currently available at this time regarding this case.

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Hillsboro Police Focus On Pedestrian Safety - 08/12/14
The Hillsboro police department is actively engaged in ways to make our city streets, walk ways and bike ways safe for people using them. A big part of that are our pedestrian safety details.

On August 14, 2014 we will be out at 28th Ave and Hyde St. enforcing and educating drivers not stopping for pedestrians and encouraging pedestrians to use safe crossing practices.
The hours are from 10:00- am to 1:00 PM

We encourage all motorists to be sure to drive safely and obey all traffic regulations.

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Hillsboro Police Arrest Criminal Mischief Suspects - 08/01/14
The Hillsboro Police Department arrests pastry vandals.

This release updates prior media information regarding criminal mischief events in a NE Hillsboro neighborhood whereby the suspects had smeared vehicles with donuts, cakes and other pastries throughout June and July.

Hillsboro patrol Officer Steve Zieman conducted follow up investigations into these incidents and based on some packaging left behind at the scene, Zieman was able to ascertain that some of the items were purchased at Winco Foods and Albertson's Market. After viewing surveillance video, Zieman was able to identify a man and a woman as suspects in the case.

On 073114 at 9:00 AM, Zieman contacted the female suspect at her residence in Hillsboro and arrested her for 2 counts of criminal mischief-III. She is identified as AISLYNN CLEVIDENCE MOORE, age 19, of Hillsboro. She was cited into Washington County court.

On 073114 at 10:00 AM, Zieman contacted the male suspect as his residence in Hillsboro and arrested him for 2 counts of Criminal Mischief-III. He is identified as ANTHONY DAVID GRATTERI, age 20, of Hillsboro. He was also cited into Washington County court.

Since both suspects were cited into court, booking photos of them were not taken.

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