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News Releases
Hillsboro Police and Fire Departments Investigate Arson Crimes - 05/14/15
Arson investigators from HPD and HFD investigate seven vehicle arson crimes in NE Hillsboro.

On 05/14/15 at 3:30 AM, Hillsboro police and fire departments were called to addresses on 300 NE Hyde, 200 NE Park and 2400 NE Grant for vehicle fires that were intentionally set by an unknown suspect.

In each instance the suspect placed a rag into the gas tank area via the fuel filler opening and lit it on fire. Of the vehicles, two were significantly damaged, three were attempted with no fire started and two vehicles had minor damage. The fires were quickly extinguished and no persons were injured and no nearby property was damaged.

Officers conducted a K-9 dog track in searching for the suspect(s) and no persons were found.
This investigation will continue by arson investigators from Hillsboro Police and Hillsboro Fire departments.

The public is advised to report any suspicious activity by calling 9-1-1.

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Help Hillsboro Police Prevent Thefts From Vehicles - 04/27/15
The Hillsboro Police Department has noticed unknown suspects entering vehicles that have been left unlocked and also some cases where vehicles were secured.

This type of crime is very preventable and we can all do our part to keep our cars from being broken into and to keep our neighborhoods safer. Please consider the following prevention techniques:

* Always lock your vehicle.
* Place items in the car out of view or in the trunk.
* Do not leave property in the vehicle overnight.
* Park in well lit areas.
* Report any suspicious activity in your neighborhood to police.

You are always encouraged to call police to report any suspicious activity and to always lock your vehicle every time.

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