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Extra DUII Saturation for the Super Bowl on February 1, 2015. (Photo) - 01/20/15
The Benton County Sheriff's Office, will be participating in extra DUII saturation patrol and enforcement on the day of the NFL Super Bowl on February 1, 2015. There will be extra patrol targeting individuals who choose to drive under the influence of intoxicants and therefore endanger themselves and others on our roadways. The Benton County Sheriff's Office already actively patrols for this crime, but this is extra enforcement added to target this dangerous offense.

Driver impairment and speeding are the most common causes of injury crashes. Oregon's DUII enforcement program is committed to reducing the amount of crashes and impaired drivers on our roadways by keeping them off the roadway and arresting them when they choose to drive. For more info on impaired driving, visit
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Benton County Sheriff's Office Warns Citizens of Several Recent Scams - 01/07/15
The Benton County Sheriff's Office would like to issue the following warning to all county residents concerning a telephone scam several citizens have reported in the last several weeks.
This scam begins when someone, posing as a deputy from the Sheriff's Office, contacts the victim via telephone. The deputy provides his name and a badge number in hopes of legitimizing the call and advises the victims that they are delinquent from jury duty and will be arrested immediately.
In order to avoid arrest, the deputy advises the victim that they can pay a fine. They are instructed to go to 7 Eleven and obtain a "Green Dot MoneyPak" reload card. The victim is also provided with a local telephone number to call. Once the victim has obtained the money order, they are instructed to call the number and provide the numbers located on the back of the money order.
The people promoting the scam will provide courtroom numbers, addresses, warrant numbers, etc. in an attempt to make the scam believable.
The public is reminded that this is not protocol of the state court system. This is a scam. The public should not provide personal identifying information over the telephone to the scammers and should immediately report any financial loss due to this scam to the Benton County Sheriff's Office at 541-766-6858.

"Today we received an alarming call today and feel like we should pass the information on. One of our regular customers received a call from a man stating that he was from her heating and air conditioning company and that he'd be there for her appointment the following Monday. When she asked if he was from Hendrix Heating he told her "YES". She then said that her next scheduled appointment with Hendrix was not until January 16. At that point... the man hung up. We've heard about recent scams where thieves are representing themselves as heating and air conditioning or carpet cleaning companies, thereby gaining access to homes.

Also, a local Heating and Air Conditioning Company reported was used by a conman in order to try and steal money form a Benton County resident. The company issued the following statement:

Please be aware that unless you have prepaid maintenance contracts set up with us, we will not call proactively to schedule appointments. Please share this information especially with elderly friends and family members as these are the folks that may be being targeted more frequently."
In addition to Hendricks, Mikes Heating and Air Conditioning in Albany has also been affected. Mikes customers have also been receiving phone calls where the caller pretends to be from "their" heating company and scheduling duct cleanings or some other service. Some of the phone calls where from false numbers with a 503 area code prefix.
There has also been one incident where it was reported that a man came to the door of a customer in Brownsville. The suspect in this case told the customer if he doesn't schedule his next maintenance, he forfeits his contract. The suspect became demanding and intimidating; however the customer did not give in and eventually the suspect left.
Recent scammers have been calling customers or going door-to-door demanding special deposits, scheduling or verifying fictitious appointments, and falsely representing themselves as a legitimate business. Remember that legitimate field employees wear identification badges and they will not demand immediate payment for service or equipment.
Also remember, if you are in doubt that the caller or visitor represents your contract or even a legitimate company you should call the company on a number that you recognize or you can call your local Law Enforcement Agency.
Don't give out personal information. Be suspicious of anyone you don't know who asks for your Social Security number, birthdate, credit card number, bank account number, password, or other personal data.
At this time it is unknown if any other companies have been affected or falsely represented. In total there have been between 10 and 20 victims identified but the motive for these calls remains unknown. If you feel that you have been a victim of this scam please record all information that may be relevant to the suspect including name, phone number, or company they claim to be working for. This information can be given to your local Law Enforcement. If someone shows up at your residence and you feel threatened or are in fear for your safety call 911 immediately.

The Sheriff's Office is investigating. Anyone with futher information should contact the Sheriff's Office.