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News Releases
Green Line Delay - 05/03/15
Due to a disabled vehicle near the tunnel, Green Line is delayed 30 minutes.
Green Line Delay - 05/02/15
Green Line is currently 20 minutes behind schedule due to a delay caused by downed power line.
Green Line Update (7 Min. Delay) - 05/01/15
Green Line is catching up and left Wal-Mart at 3:47pm (7 min. behind schedule) heading southbound.
Green Line (13 Min. Delay) - 05/01/15
Green Line is 13 min. behind schedule due to heavy traffic and increased ridership. The bus left the Public Library at 3:25pm northbound.
Silver Line Update (5 Min. Delay) - 05/01/15
The Silver Line bus that was 13 min. behind schedule earlier this afternoon is now 5 min. behind schedule. The bus was in the Ward Cove area at 3:23pm southbound.
Silver Line North Update (Back on Route-13 Min. Delay) - 05/01/15
Silver Line North is back on the road as of 2:38pm and will resume picking up passengers from the City Museum then proceed on its regular route northbound.
Silver Line North (Delayed) - 05/01/15
As of 2:24pm Silver Line North bus is at the Bus Barn to get checked out due to a minor mechanical issue. We will post a notice when the bus is back on the route. Thank you for your patience.
Silver Line Sunday Service (Summer Hours) - 04/28/15
Effective Sunday, May 3rd Silver Line SUNDAY operating hours will be 7:00am to 6:30pm. Please note that Sunday Summer (seasonal) operating hours are not shown on the bus schedule brochure or the schedule at the bus stops.
Attached Media Files: Sunday Summer Silver Line Hrs
Green Line Update (On Schedule) - 04/20/15
Green Line left Wal-Mart at 2:40pm southbound and is on schedule.
Green Line Update (15 Min. Delay) - 04/20/15
Green Line is catching up and is now 15 min. behind schedule. The bus left Wal-Mart at 9:55am heading southbound.
Green Line Update (30 Min Delay) - 04/20/15
Green Line is back on route and left the High School at 9:23am heading southbound.
Green Line (Delayed) - 04/20/15
Green Line is holding at the Baranof/Carlanna Lake Rd. area as of 8:55 a.m. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience and we will post a notice once the bus is back on route.
Silver Line Update (5 Min Delay) - 04/17/15
Silver Line bus is now 5 min. behind schedule; the bus left Fawn Mtn. School at 12:15pm heading northbound.
Silver Line (12 Min. Delay) - 04/17/15
Silver Line southbound bus is 12 min. behind schedule due to clean up needing to be done onboard the bus; the bus left the Thomas Basin bus stop at 12:05pm.
Green Line running 20 minutes late - 04/14/15
Greenline is operating 20 minutes late as of 3:26 PM. Updates will be posted as needed.
Silver Line Status Updates - 04/07/15
Silver Line Northbound bus left Walmart at 3:55 PM - 15 minutes schedule.
Green Line Status Update - 04/07/15
Green Line arrived at Wal-Mart and will hold there until the scheduled departure time of 3:40pm and will be back on time.
Silver Line (15 Min. Delay) - 04/07/15
Silver Line bus heading southbound left the Public Library at 2:53pm (15 min. behind schedule) to swap the bus with Green Line.
Green Line Delay Update (36 Min. Delay) - 04/07/15
Green Line left the Public Library at 2:51pm heading northbound(36 min. behind schedule).
Green Line Update (Back On Route) - 04/07/15
The Green Line bus is back on route and left Baranof/Hill Rd at 2:26pm heading southbound. We thank you for your patience.
Green Line - Maintenance issue - 04/07/15
As of 2:15 PM Green Line is holding due to maintenance issues. An update will be posted once it resumes service.