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News Releases
Silver Line Status Update (On Time) - 01/28/15
Silver Line Southbound bus left Lighthouse Grocery on time at 10:10am.
Silver Line Northbound bus left Fawn Mtn. School on time at 10:10am.
All Bus Lines (Status Update) - 01/28/15
* Silver Line Southbound left the Plaza Mall at 9:31am on schedule.

* Silver Line Northbound is back on route as of 9:30am (10 min delay)and left the Bus Barn/Public Library area going to Deermount Stedman then heading northbound.

* Green Line left Wal-Mart on schedule at 9:40am southbound.
Silver Line Southbound Bus (Delayed) - 01/28/15
Due to a mechanical issue, the Silver Line southbound bus is running 14 minutes behind schedule. The bus is in route to the shop and another vehicle will be deployed. We will provide an update shortly. Thank you for your patience.
All Lines are on-time - 01/22/15
All lines on-time
Silver Line Update (Back on Schedule) - 01/22/15
Silver Line is back on schedule as of 12:10pm and left Fawn Mtn. School heading northbound.
Silve Line South Update: - 01/22/15
Departing Lighthouse 10 minutes behind
Silver Line North Update - 01/22/15
UPDATE: Silver Line North has departed the museum at 10:57am approximately 32 minutes behind schedule. It is anticipated that Departure form Lighthouse south will be at 11:20am (20 minutes behind). We will provide you further updates in the next 30 min. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Silver Line North Delay - 01/22/15
Due to a mechanical issue Silver Line north is currently stopped at the Museum bus stop. We will provide an update as soon as mechanics resolve issue or a new bus is deployed. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Silver Line (Back on Schedule) - 01/20/15
Silver Line left Lighthouse Grocery on schedule at 12:10pm heading southbound.
Silver Line Northbound (10 Min. Delay) - 01/20/15
Silver Line is continuing to catch up and is now 10 min. behind schedule; the bus left the Creek Street/City Museum bus stop at 11:35am northbound.
Silver Line Northbound (15 Min Delay) - 01/20/15
Silver Line is catching up and is now 15 min. behind schedule; the bus left Fawn Mtn. School at 11:25am heading northbound.
Silver Line Southbound Bus Update (Back on Route/28 Min. Delay) - 01/20/15
Silver Line southbound bus is back on route as of 10:53am and is 28 min. behind schedule. Thank you for your patience.
The BUS (Holiday Closures) - 01/19/15
There is no bus service on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. For all other holidays, The BUS operates on its regular schedule.
Silver Line north delayed near coastguard base - 01/17/15
Due to an accident that is currently blocking traffic just north of the coast guard base silver line is currently 10 minutes behind schedule.
Green Line Update (Resuming Service to High School) - 01/12/15
As of 4:56pm the roadway at Baranof/Houghtaling Elementary and Revilla H.S. has been re-opened and Green Line is resuming it's regular route.
Green Line (No Service to High School) - 01/12/15
Green Line: Baranof at Houghtaling Elementary & Revilla H.S. is closed due to emegency personnel closing. Green Line is not able to go thru that area and is proceeding to Plaza Mall as of 3:57pm then will head southbound.
Snow Route 'E' in effect - 01/06/15
Silver Line (Route E) - No service at Saxman Totem Park. Please wait for the bus on Totem Row/South Tongass Highway.

Route changes will be in effect for the remainder of the day, unless road conditions greatly improve.
Hospital Bus Stop - 01/05/15
Due to road condition on hill please wait for the Green Line & Silver Line buses at the school bus stop shelter located north of the Hospital driveway on Tongass Avenue.
Silver Line Northbound weather delay - 01/05/15
Silver North is currently 25 minutes behind departing Saxman due to road conditions coming in from Roosevelt commuter.
Green Line (Alternative Snow Route - Route B) - 01/04/15
Green Line (Route B) - No service on Carlanna Lake Road, Baranof Avenue and Jefferson Street. Please wait at the bus stops located at the Plaza Mall or the Post Office/AK Marine Highway. The Green Line route change will be in effect for the remainder of the day, unless road conditions greatly improve. Silver Line is on its regular route (no changes).