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News Release
Attempted luring averted, Grandview police investigating - 02/16/18

On Thursday morning, Feb. 15, at approximately 7:10 a.m. a Grandview Middle School student on her way to school was approached by an individual who attempted to lure her into his car. He allegedly asked the student where she was going and if she needed a ride. The student, avoided contact, reported the incident and is safe and secure.
The Grandview Police Department is actively investigating the incident. They describe the driver as male, pale looking, skinny, wearing a black ball cap, possibly in his 30s with a tattoo on his face, no facial hair, possibly Caucasian or light complexioned Hispanic. The vehicle is described as a black four-door vehicle with the passenger side headlight out. The vehicle, believed to be very dirty, is described as a '90s model similar to an older Honda Accord. School districts throughout the region have been notified about the incident and put on alert.  
While the school district has many safeguards in place to protect our students (adult crossing guards, alerting and communication systems, crisis procedures), this is an excellent time for parents and guardians to talk to their kids about what they can do to protect themselves. Good safety habits start at home. Please take some time today to encourage your kids to follow these common-sense safety guidelines:
* Always walk with a partner or a group
* Do not approach unknown vehicles
* Develop a "safe word" that family can share with others that will identify them as trustworthy
* Avoid walking by tall bushes or through unlit or unpopulated areas
* If approached by a stranger, always walk away and tell a trusted adult

We care deeply about the safety and security of the children in our care and make safety a priority in Grandview. We share this information in that spirit and ask our families and community to be alert, but not alarmed.
Anyone with any information is encouraged to call the Grandview Police Department at (509) 882-2000.