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Heat wave triggers water safety warnings - 06/26/15
In response to recent drowning incidents in Oregon and Southwest Washington, physicians from Legacy Emanuel Medical Center and Randall Children's Hospital are urging the community to use extra caution this weekend.

"Given the heat wave, we feel it's more imperative than ever to stress the importance of water safety as people look to our rivers and lakes as a way to escape the high temperatures," says Randall Children's Hospital Pediatric Intensive Care Unit physician, Andrea Hoogerland, M.D. "Our unit cared for one drowning victim this May and has seen four more already in June."

Water safety tips

* Designate a responsible adult to watch young children. Children need to be an arm's length from a supervising adult at all times.

* Wear a life jacket. Air-filled or foam toys are not safety devices. They are not designed to keep swimmers safe.

* Watch for dangerous waves, floating debris and signs of rip currents such as water that is discolored and choppy or foamy and moving in a channel away from shore.

* Always know the depth of water before you dive. Remember "feet first, first time." Natural bodies of water change with time. What was safe last week may not be tomorrow.

Surgeon Dean Gubler, D.O. with Legacy Trauma Services at Legacy Emanuel warns, "These are preventable events that are often increased by drinking alcohol. Alcohol influences balance, coordination and judgment, which are heightened by sun exposure and heat." He adds, "Stick with water or sports drinks to stay hydrated."
Legacy Medical Group - Firwood clinic staff in Sandy pose with their more than 200 pounds of collected food
Legacy Medical Group - Firwood clinic staff in Sandy pose with their more than 200 pounds of collected food
Legacy Health collects more than 40,000 pounds for local food banks (Photo) - 06/05/15
More than 250,000 people in the Portland metropolitan area and Southwest Washington - a third of them children - don't know where their next meal is coming from. Everyone is at risk of falling on hard times and needing the support of a food bank.

"I know what it's like to be hungry. As a child, I remember being gifted with food boxes like these and it made such a huge difference. Not just because I could eat, but also because it helped me feel like I was worth something, that people cared," says Michelle Kurzhals, manager of Legacy Medical Group clinics in Canby and West Linn. "The strongest of memories is from a simple thing: one box contained pop tarts. I thought only rich, important people could have pop tarts and I felt a great deal of self-worth because of this simple, gifted treat. My teams and I want nothing more than for everyone in our communities to feel that same sense of self-worth. It begins with a meal."

The goal of the first-ever Legacy Health system-wide food drive was to bring in 10,000 pounds of food to represent Legacy Health's more than 10,000 employees. Based on 9,319 pounds of food and $6,766 in monetary donations it represents the equivalent of 43,146 pounds of food going to the following 11 different food banks in the Portland metropolitan area and Southwest Washington area.

AWARE Food Bank
* Woodburn, Ore.
* 190 lbs.
* $280.00

Clark County Food Bank
* Vancouver, Wash.
* 1,622 lbs.
* $1,926.00

Columbia Pacific Food Bank
* St. Helens, Ore.
* 86 lbs.
* $150.00

Community Action
* Hillsboro, Ore.
* 231 lbs.
* $250.00

Lift Urban Portland
* Portland, Ore.
* 1,238 lbs.
* $740.00

NE Emergency Food Program
* Portland, Ore.
* 1,279 lbs.
* $778.00

Sandy Action Center
* Sandy, Ore.
* 302 lbs.
* $200.00

SnowCap Community Charities
* Portland, Ore.
* 621 lbs.
* $550.00

St. Vincent de Paul Canby Food Bank
* Canby, Ore.
* 511 lbs.
* $250.00

Tualatin School House Pantry
* Tualatin, Ore.
* 2,663 lbs.
* $1,437

West Linn Food Pantry
* West Linn, Ore.
* 591 lbs.
* $150.00

Legacy Health held the drive the last two weeks in May to provide a significant amount of food during the "off" time of year, when food pantry cupboards are often growing bare. In the summer time, many children no longer have access to free meals at school and families need the support of our community food banks more than ever.

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