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still photo of EMT gear
still photo of EMT gear
PF&R to Resume Medical Support Program for Special Events Including Protests (Photo) - 04/28/17

PF&R to Resume Medical Support for PPB Operations after Receiving Enhanced Training, New Uniforms

Portland Fire & Rescue's Rapid Response Team Emergency Medical Technicians (PF&R's RRT EMTs) have received new uniforms and will resume the provision of medical support with PPB officers during crowd control operations starting today, April 28th. PF&R's RRT EMTs are specially trained Portland Firefighters who are embedded with Portland Police Bureau Rapid Response Team (PPB RRT) officers to provide care to anyone in need of emergency medical services during periods of permitted and non-permitted protests. The new uniforms are designed to clearly distinguish unarmed PF&R RRT EMTs from PPB RRT officers.
In addition to many hours of operational training, PF&R Rapid Response Team members have received enhanced training on topics including: (1) first amendment rights in protected event environments, (2) public relations sensitivity, (3) diffusion of highly charged situations, (4) the role of embedded medics in relation to the role of local law enforcement, and (5) privacy rights and civil liberties of persons/groups.
PF&R Chief Mike Myers had the following to say about the team being placed online today: "I am happy with the level of cooperation that has occurred between the Police Bureau, local community and civil rights activists, and Portland Fire & Rescue to put this program in place. I believe the city of Portland is a safer place because these groups took the time to make our rescue response faster and more effective in these unique situations."

The following video and pictures are for media use:

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