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Clark County Law Enforcement Stepped Up Patrols in School Zones this Week. - 09/07/18

Target Zero, a Washington Traffic Safety Commission program funded extra law enforcement patrols across Clark County this week. Battle Ground, La Center, Ridgefield, Vancouver, and Washougal Police Departments along with Washington State Patrol joined forces to focus on school zones and pedestrian safety. Speeding distracted driving, and pedestrian citations issued.

•    Educated 252 citizens

•    Issued 8 citations

•    Issued 113 warnings.

•    And made an additional 10 arrests


Did you know…

•    There have been seven serious pedestrian injuries in 2018 in Clark County.

•    Distracted driving is the cause of 30% of fatalities and 23% of serious injuries in crashes in the State of Washington

•    Distracted driving is the only factor in traffic deaths where women outnumber men.

•    In 2017, Clark County had nine fatalities and 31 serious injuries directly related to speeding.

Thank you, brave Deputies, Officers, and Troopers, for making our school zones safer as we head back to school.

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Washington Increased DUI Patrols Labor Day to Reduce Injuries and Deaths - 09/05/18

Under Washington law, impaired driving includes driving while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs and other substances that can impair driving such as over-the-counter cold medications, and medications for sleep, allergies and pain. Last year, impaired driving killed 278 people and seriously injured 371 more on Washington roadways.

In Clark County, Target Zero funded ten law enforcement officers to work 64 hours with dispatch support from Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency to accomplish the following:

  • Educated 143 drivers
  • Made eight DUI arrests. 
  • Wrote 55 citations.
  • Issued 99 warnings. 
  • And made an additional four other arrests.

Drivers convicted of DUI in Washington face a suspended license, a $5,000 fine and up to one year in jail. 

Thank you, Deputies, Officers, and Troopers for making our roads safer during the last few weeks of summer!

Washington Traffic Safety Commission awarded Sergeant Timothy Wilson the All-Star Law Enforcement Officer DUI All-Star. - 08/20/18

On Saturday, August 18, 2018, Sergeant Timothy Wilson of the Battle Ground Police Department received well-earned recognition from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission. Sergeant Wilson’s law enforcement career spans approximately 20 years as a law enforcement officer, with a specialty in traffic safety. In addition to his regular duties as a traffic sergeant, Wilson trains officers, is a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), and is the liaison to the Target Zero Task Force. These are just a few of the career highlights that demonstrate his commitment to Clark County.

The Target Zero Task Force Clark County thanks you Sergeant Wilson for a job well done

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