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School staff is back in the office and ready to help
School staff is back in the office and ready to help
Ridgefield School District releases information parents and students need to know for September 1, the district's first day of school (Photo) - 08/24/15
Monday, August 24, 2015-Ridgefield, WA-The first day of school for Ridgefield School District is Tuesday, September 1, so here are some tips and tricks to make sure students, parents and the community can prepare for the new school year!

First Day of School
The first day of school is Tuesday, September 1, 2015 and all schools will run on normal schedule on Wednesday, September 2. Beginning the following week on Wednesday, September 9, schools will start one hour later for Collaboration Days and will continue to do so every Wednesday thereafter throughout the school year.

Annual Notifications Packet
The Annual Notifications Packet will be emailed to families throughout August. The packet contains important district notifications, a welcome letter from Superintendent Nathan McCann, a nondisclosure form, a letter to households regarding the National School Lunch Program, an application for Free and Reduced Meals, and the district calendar.

If you would like to download a copy of the packet from the website, you can get it here: http://www.ridge.k12.wa.us/domain/49

All About School - Website Section
Please visit the All About School section of the district website to answer many of your questions about school as well as download important forms at http://bit.ly/AllAboutSchool.

The All About Schools site includes the following sections:

* Frequently Asked Questions: find answers to many questions you may have, and ask your own, too.
* Schedules - Start/End Times: the start/end times for each school are provided in this section along with links to each school's specific bell schedules.
* School Contact Information: office and attendance phone numbers for each school are listed here along with the direct URL to each school's specific website.

School staff is back in the office!
If you need to register your student for school, need Skyward Access, or need help from building staff, all building secretaries and the majority of school staff has returned from summer break and is ready to help you!

More Information
As always, you can get more information about Ridgefield's schools now and throughout the 2015-16 school year from the following sources:

* Website: www.ridge.k12.wa.us
* Facebook: www.fb.com/RidgefieldSchools
* Twitter: www.twitter.com/RidgefieldSD
* Flash Alert Subscription: http://bit.ly/RSD-Flash

Attendees participated in a variety of activities including playing with a large parachute
Attendees participated in a variety of activities including playing with a large parachute
Ridgefield High School's Leadership Class organized a Field Day for Special Education students from local programs (Photo) - 08/17/15
Monday, August 17, 2015-Ridgefield, WA-More than 90 Special Education and Lifeskills students from Ridgefield School District, Hockinson School District, Woodland Public Schools and Mark Morris High School gathered for a Field Day at Ridgefield High School near the end of the school year organized by Ridgefield High School's Leadership Class.

Students in the Leadership Class at Ridgefield High School have been organizing the Field Day since 2012, inviting students from nearby schools and programs to participate in a variety of activities including indoor bowling, soccer, playing with a large parachute, participating in an obstacle course and egg hunt, playing tag and helping to create a banner celebrating the day using markers and other art supplies.

The Field Day started with students gathering and dancing to music while they met one another. Ridgefield's Leadership Class organizes the entire program, splitting the students up into different groups so they can make friends with students from other schools. "Many of the students have attended past Field Days, so they get excited when they recognize friends they've made from previous years," said Kim Allais, teacher of the Leadership Class. "This is my favorite activity of the year because the students in the Leadership Class can really be themselves with the attendees."

Communication remains key to organizing the multi-program event. "The biggest challenge was getting in contact with the schools with a lot of phone tag," said Emma Yaddof, a 2014-15 junior who was in charge of planning the Field Day. "I've participated in the Field Days before so I knew a little bit about what I could expect."

For Yaddof, her favorite part is interacting with all the students from the different schools. "The attendees have so much energy and are so happy - they're not afraid to put themselves out there," she said. "Leadership is one of my favorite classes; we do a lot of motivational team-building in class which helps build up camaraderie and makes us more effective as a class."

The Leadership Class also participates in a Lunch Buddy program where Leadership students have lunch and make friends with Special Education students at different Ridgefield schools throughout the year. "I really enjoyed the Lunch Buddy program, so I was looking forward to seeing all the kids having fun with the activities we do at the Field Day," said Carter Allen, a junior in 2014-15. "We want everyone to be safe, but we want them to be as involved as possible, too."

Giving back to the community gives many of the students of the Leadership Class a sense of pride and purpose. "I love being connected with the community, and next year I'll be both the President of the Leadership Class and the Leo's Club," said Allen. "Community service keeps me busy, and I'd rather be doing something good for the community than just sitting at home."

Allais ensures that her students know the amount of work involved in planning an event of this magnitude. "The Leadership Class learns that persistence is key in organizing the event; they have to repeatedly reach out to the other programs to make sure everyone knows when and where to arrive for the Field Day," said Allais. "The students set up the entire event and I tell them that when they're done by the end of the day, they should be physically and mentally exhausted - it's their opportunity to give everything of themselves that they can."

Volunteers and students celebrated South Ridge Cleanup Day with a special picnic lunch
Volunteers and students celebrated South Ridge Cleanup Day with a special picnic lunch
Ridgefield's sixth graders participated in South Ridge Cleanup Day to give back and celebrate their graduation to middle school (Photo) - 08/10/15
Monday, August 10, 2015-Ridgefield, WA-Sixth graders at South Ridge Elementary School volunteered to clean up the school's campus at the end of the school year in an event called South Ridge Cleanup Day as a way to give back to their elementary school before moving up to View Ridge Middle School this fall.

Students came up with the idea of South Ridge Cleanup Day after studying Earth Day. "During Earth Day, we held an outdoor class where students discussed the idea of balancing human activity with nature," said Linda Wear, the sixth grade teacher who organized South Ridge Cleanup Day. "When we came back to the classrooms, we discussed evaluating human impact on the environment, and the students brainstormed tons of ideas of what they wanted to do around the school; the students were incredibly enthusiastic and excited about their ideas."

Students also studied the organisms and plants they might come in contact with during South Ridge Cleanup Day including the root systems of plants. "We drew back to the students' fifth grade experience at Cispus Outdoor School with respect and reverence for nature," said Wear. "The notion of service was important for the students with this project representing the end of their educational career at South Ridge, and as they took their leave, they wanted to leave something behind - a cleaner school."

Wear organized the event by including all of the sixth grade classes and enlisting parent volunteers. Wear guided the classes and volunteers with tips including the proper use of gardening tools and the importance of being aware of irrigation pipes and other elements of the school's landscaping. Parents and students brought in their own gardening equipment including clippers, hoes, shovels, wheelbarrows, gloves and more.

Managing the nearly 80 students was no small feat. "You have to gauge the students' level of participation and what they will be able to accomplish," said Wear. "Since all of the students wanted to participate, we decided to try and improve the entire campus instead of just a single section."

Parents served as group leaders with student groups cleaning up a several areas around the South Ridge campus including the landscaped areas around the main and new buildings; the parking areas; the west-end raised garden beds; the upper meadow; and the South Ridge Nature Trail. Students weeded, cleaned up trash, cleared fallen branches, and helped improve the school's appearance.

Following Cleanup Day, students and volunteers celebrated with a picnic lunch including hot dogs, fruit, chips, and cookies. "It's really fun to see what the campus looked like before and after it was all cleaned up," said Kaitlyn St. John, a sixth grader at South Ridge. "I like being able to see the difference I make when I do community service."

Noah Altman, a sixth grader, enjoyed seeing what the students could do when they worked together as a team, "To see the entire grade put that much initiative in for the school shows how much we wanted to make the school better for generations to come," he said. "It's cool to be able to help the community while you're doing something fun at the same time."

When asked what they would miss the most about their time at South Ridge, the students agreed that their teachers were their favorite part. "I'm definitely going to miss the teachers the most," said Lily Renner, a sixth grader. "Out of all my time here, kindergarten was my favorite grade because of all the new material I learned." Kohana Fukuchi, a classmate, agreed, "I'm going to miss my teachers the most - the classrooms become like big families over the course each school year."

South Ridge Cleanup Day was an incredible success with students and volunteers making a huge difference to South Ridge's campus. "We are so grateful to all the parents who came out to help - we simply asked for help and had more than 20 volunteers," said Wear. "The bond between the community and Ridgefield's schools has always been strong; the Ridgefield community is always there to help when we need them."