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Do you have a “forever” email address?

FlashAlert sends news to email and cell phone addresses.  If you’re like me, your email address changes fairly frequently, as you change Internet Service Providers or your broadband carrier (such as a cable company) is sold and they change your email address. Because FlashAlert, and so many other people and organizations that you interact with, depend on having accurate addresses, I suggest you look into a permanent email address.

No, this is not an ad for anyone or anything. It is just a suggestion of two methods to have one email address that stays with you – regardless of whether you move, or your Internet Service Provider moves you.

  1. Get a free email account. Google (gmail), Yahoo and many others offer free email accounts that can be set to forward your mail to whatever Internet provider you currently are using. Search for “free email account.”
  2. Obtain your own domain and forward your mail to your current Internet provider. You can buy a domain and email forwarding for $15 to $20 per year. It might be jackmcgillicutty.com or something special to you. Why buy a domain? It may be that you want something distinctive. Or it may be that someday you might want to have a web site or a business online and you will have the domain name ready. Search for “domain name registrars.”

I hope you enjoy the FlashAlert system and that these suggestions are useful.

Craig Walker
Founder and Customer Care Rep

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