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Happy Valley resident gets assist in arrest of late-night motorcycle thief; can you help Happy Valley PD reunite owners with stolen tools? (Photo) - 11/15/18

[Adapted from a Facebook post by Happy Valley Police....]

Please reference reference CCSO Case #18-030675

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2018, an alert deputy contracted to the Happy Valley Police Department observed a small, tan pickup roll through the stop sign at SE King Rd and SE 129th Ave.

When the deputy stopped the truck, the driver admitted he rolled through the stop sign, explaining he had defective brakes and possibly a flat tire.

While talking to the driver, 26-year-old Patrick David Kennedy, the deputy heard a radio broadcast: A neighbor in the area of SE Idleman and Tyler Roads had reported seeing a suspicious male on his neighbor's property who left the area in a small tan pickup.

The deputy asked a few more questions -- and did not buy Mr. Kennedy's story that he was just taking a nap in his truck after randomly driving here. Kennedy denied being on anybody's property.

The deputy noticed several power tools and a small motorcycle in the truck.  He asked about the items and Mr. Kennedy said he bought them on "Offer Up."

The deputy continued to investigate these suspicious circumstances. He soon learned that the citizen who called in the suspicious vehicle awakened his neighbor -- and learned that his neighbor had in fact had a small motorcycle stolen from his property.

That neighbor arrived on scene and positively identified the motorcycle as his.

Patrick Kennedy was arrested on Theft and Trespassing charges and booked into Clackamas County Jail. A booking photo is attached.

Happy Valley PD appreciates the alert resident who made a timely call to 911 with a good description of a suspicious person and then contacted his neighbor.  His willingness to get involved led to an arrest and a neighbor being reunited with his motorcycle.

Happy Valley PD is still investigating this case and attempting to identify owners of the tools.  Most notably, were three nail guns and two grinders.


If you have any information or had tools stolen on or around Tuesday, Nov. 13, please contact Happy Valley PD at 503-760-0123 and reference case #18-030675.

Three Clackamas County cities -- Happy Valley, Estacada and Wilsonville -- contract with the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office to provide municipal police services.

ADDITIONAL PHOTO: Intoxicated driver loses control of Tesla, goes airborne through trees, crashes into pond off S. Dryland Road in Canby (Photo) - 11/15/18

Please reference CCSO Case # 18-030413

At 3:20 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 9, a Patrol deputy was flagged down by a man in the 29000 block of S. Dryland Road, south of Heintz Road in Canby. The man was yelling that there was "a crash at the pond."

The deputy drove another 50 yards north -- and saw a black car against a tree in the middle of a duck pond.

There was debris everywhere, and the water was still rippling from the impact.  The deputy had missed the crash by seconds.

Skid marks (93 feet of them, by later measurements) were visible on the roadway, from the top of the hill on the north side of the road leading across the road and off the roadway. A trail of broken trees led to the partially submerged vehicle. Authorities would later determine that the car had entered a slide, traveled into the oncoming lane and left the road, knocking over trees and going airborne for approximately 20 feet before coming to a stop in the pond.

The deputy made his way down an embankment to the vehicle. A debris field of car parts and golf clubs ranged 20 yards back to the roadway.

The wrecked car -- a 2018 Tesla -- was resting on a dead tree trunk. The Tesla's front end was partially submerged in approximately 4 feet of water. An ejected golf bag floated nearby.

The deputy cut away an airbag to assess the driver and vehicle interior. The injured driver was slumped to the side, but breathing. The passenger side floorboard was filling with water.

The driver regained consciousness and was able to identify himself to the deputy.

Fire and medical arrived. Canby Fire personnel cut away the driver's-side door to extract the driver. (A photo is attached.) Life Flight then airlifted the driver to an area hospital for treatment of significant injuries, including multiple fractures.

Speed and alcohol are considered factors in the crash. The driver's blood alcohol content (BAC) was reportedly later measured at .174%; motorists will fail a DUII field test if their BAC reading is 0.08% or higher. The case will be referred to the Clackamas County DA's Office for consideration of criminal charges.

The driver is identified as Eric John Loechle , 44. He was driving alone, and no other property was damaged in the crash.

Photos from the crash scene are attached.


Scissor-brandishing shoplifter flees mall, is captured running by Sheriff's Office headquarters; two arrested (Photo) - 11/14/18

Please reference CCSO Case # 18-030709

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, Clackamas County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to a reported strong-arm robbery -- in which one suspect threateningly brandished a pair of scissors -- at the JCPenney at Clackamas Town Center. Two suspects were arrested right in front of Sheriff's Office headquarters, where they had fled.

The incident began shortly before noon on Tuesday, when JCPenney loss-prevention personnel confronted two women and a man. They'd seen the male -- Mateo George Emerson, 22 -- select a white pair of Nike gym shoes from a display and conceal them in a black backpack. One of the two women -- Aracelly Medina-Parker, 19 -- reportedly selected a pair of Adidas gym shoes from a display and put them on her feet, leaving the yellow sales tag on the Adidas and her old shoes behind.

During the confrontation, Mateo Emerson reportedly pulled a pair of scissors from his pocket and began waving it at the loss-prevention officers while telling them, "Get back." Emerson, Medina-Parker and the third woman then fled the mall.

Responding deputies quickly spotted the trio running down the street -- conveniently, the suspects were fleeing on Sunnybrook Boulevard, right in front of Clackamas County Sheriff's Office headquarters.

A search produced additional stolen loot, including a JCPenney brand watch and necklace/pendant set. Madina-Parker was caught wearing a different pair of shoes entirely, a pair of maroon Puma gym shoes; she admitted to deputies that the Puma shoes had been concealed in a bag, and she put the Pumas on after she fled the mall.

Mateo Emerson and Aracelly Medina-Parker were taken to Clackamas County Jail and booked. Emerson was charged with Robbery III and Theft II; Madina-Parker was charged with Theft II. Their booking photos are attached. The second woman was not arrested.

Mr. Emerson is well-known to authorities, with additional Clackamas County Jail bookings this year on Oct. 12 (on Menacing and Harassment charges), August 19 (Disorderly Conduct II) and April 18 (Menacing).


Anyone with additional information on Mateo Emerson and/or Aracelly Medina-Parker is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office Tip Line -- by phone at 503-723-4949 or by using the online email form at . Please reference CCSO Case # 18-030709.


K9 Grimm takes accidental koi-pond bath while helping Wilsonville PD catch fleeing suspect (Photo) - 11/07/18

Please reference CCSO Case # 18-030097

Clackamas County Sheriff's Office K9 Grimm took an accidental dip in a koi-pond while helping Wilsonville Police capture a suspect who fled a smoking Pontiac, ran past a crew pouring cement and tried to hide in a boat on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

The chase began shortly before noon on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018, when a deputy contracted to Wilsonville PD pulled over a maroon Pontiac sedan on SW Rogue Lane. The Pontiac sported license plates belonging to another vehicle.

The deputy contacted the suspect driver, Vencine Timone Hadley, 45. During the exchange Hadley suddenly sped off. The chase was on.

Deputies pursued Hadley as the fugitive Pontiac sped eastward and then south onto SW Salmon Road.

The Pontiac hit a bump in the road as it approached the south end of SW Salmon Road. Authorities estimated the Pontiac's speed at about 50 mph in the residential zone.

The Pontiac then came to a skidding halt in a large plume of bluish smoke as it reached the intersection of SW Salmon Road and Metolius Loop. Suspect Hadley then exited the Pontiac, jumping a black metal four-foot fence to the south, toward the Willamette River.

Deputy McGlothin and his K9 Grimm then arrived at the scene to continue the pursuit.

A Sheriff's Office Marine Unit boat deployed to the scene to search the riverbank. Meanwhile, deputies followed the K9 and the suspect's intermittent footprints in the grass and bark landscaping. They tracked the suspect to a large house located in the 8500 block of SW Miami, roughly a block away.

Several cement workers were pouring cement in the driveway in front of an attached garage at the address. They told deputies they'd seen the suspect run into the backyard of the residence from the east side of the house. A wet footprint on the sidewalk on the east side of the house led to the backyard.

Deputies ran to the backyard  -- and noticed an unlocked pedestrian door on the back of the garage.

Inside the garage: a boat on a trailer. The boat cover was undone and loose from the back.

A deputy pulled the back the cover open just enough to see a pair of legs and gray sneakers laying on the floor.

Hadley ignored multiple commands to show his hands or acknowledge deputies -- even after they pulled the cover open to expose the suspect laying on the floor of the boat.

Deputy McGlothin finally sent in K9 Grimm, who applied a bite to Hadley's lower arm. The suspect was quickly taken into custody.

Medics evaluated Hadley, who was then transported by a deputy to Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center for treatment. Vencine Hadley was later booked into Clackamas County Jail on charges that include two counts of Attempt to Elude a Police Officer. Bail was set at $12,500. Complete booking information can be found here:

As posted by McGlothin on K9 Grimm's Instagram feed ( ), "On a side note, Grimm ungracefully fell into a large koi pond during the fence-hopping search and needs a bath stat." Photos of Grimm just after the search are attached.

Three Clackamas County cities -- Happy Valley, Wilsonville and Estacada -- contract with the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office to provide municipal police services.


The Sheriff’s Office is seeking additional information in this case. Anyone with information on Vencine Timone Hadley is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office Tip Line -- by phone at 503-723-4949 or by using the online email form at . Please reference CCSO Case # 18-030097.


UPDATE w/ K9 URBAN PIX: Happy Valley home-robbery suspect reportedly points 'finger gun' to escape, is captured in dentist's office lobby (Photo) - 11/06/18

[UPDATE: Media have asked for pix of K9 Urban, so we've attached a few.]

Please reference CCSO Case # 18-029996

Shortly after noon on Monday, Nov. 5, 2018, deputies from the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office and Happy Valley Police Department responded to a home robbery on the 12400 block of SE Verlie St. in Happy Valley. The suspect fled the scene after a confrontation with the homeowner and was quickly captured in the lobby of a nearby dentist's office.

The homeowner had entered his residence and found the suspect -- later identified as Michael Shane Belden, 30 -- standing inside the house.

The homeowner described the suspect as a white male in his 20s, wearing a tan and red baseball cap, a tan, and red jacket and jeans. The suspect reportedly threatened to shoot the homeowner while fleeing the scene; according to police reports, deputies later determined Mr. Belden "made it look like he had a gun by sticking his hand under his jacket to scare the homeowner and get away."

Deputies worked to contain the area and launched a search with Deputy McCafferty and K9 Urban. Passersby reportedly pointed the K9 team in the direction they'd seen the suspect run.

At about 12:46 p.m., dispatch broadcast that a white male matching the suspect description was seen pacing around the area of Goddard School at 14210 SE Sunnyside Rd.

Deputies reponded to the location. When the suspect saw the deputies exit their patrol cars, he entered a nearby dental office and stood in the lobby.

Deputies followed the suspect inside. They asked him what he was doing. The suspect said he was calling a buddy to come pick him up. Deputies asked where his phone was. The suspect reportedly replied that it was in "Buddy's car."

Deputies photographed Michael Belden, then texted the photo to a deputy still with the homeowner. The homeowner identified Belden as the suspect.

Belden was taken into custody and deputies found a number of stolen items stashed near Goddard School.

While deputies returned the stolen items, Belden admitted to being in the house and stealing the recovered items. He reportedly told deputies to tell the homeowner he was sorry.

Mr. Belden's booking photo and photos of the stash of recovered stolen loot are attached. He is currently being held in Clackamas County Jail on charges of Burglary I and Robbery II, and his bail is set at $290,000. Complete booking details can be found at

Three Clackamas County cities -- Happy Valley, Wilsonville and Estacada -- contract with the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office to provide municipal police services.


The Sheriff’s Office is seeking additional information in this case. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office Tip Line -- by phone at 503-723-4949 or by using the online email form at . Please reference CCSO Case # 18-029996


Sheriff's Office deputies once again grow beards for 'No Shave November,' raise money to fight cancer (Photo) - 11/05/18

[Update: Our own K9 Ajax is also participating in the campaign. See attached photo.]

CCSO's 'No Shave November' team links:

TEAM 1 -- Patrol, Contract Cities, Investigations, Admin, IT, Records

TEAM 2 -- Jail, Community Corrections, Civil

November is Men's Health Awareness Month. People across the country are once again recognizing this important effort by growing out their facial hair, as part of the "No Shave November" campaign.

The Sheriff's Office is once again joining the fight.

And this year, it's (once again) a contest.

Normally, CCSO grooming standards don't allow deputies to wear beards. If you've seen our deputies out in the community this month, you may have noticed that's changed.

(See just for example the attached photo of K9 Grimm's handler, Deputy McGlothin.)

As part of a coordinated effort to raise awareness about men's health issues -- including the kinds of cancer that only affect men -- Sheriff Craig Roberts has once again decided to temporarily relax CCSO's grooming standards in order to allow uniformed members of the Sheriff's Office to participate.


Want to participate? The public is welcome to contribute to CCSO's effort. The Sheriff's Office No-Shave November Teams are online here:

During November, participants are encouraged to donate money they'd usually spend on shaving to educate people about cancer prevention, save lives, and aid those fighting the battle. Participants are also encouraged to get a cancer screening during the month of November.

Below is the Sheriff's Office TEMPORARY relaxed grooming policy for the month of November 2018....


While we are adjusting our grooming standards for November only (listed below) -- allowing participating deputies to grow facial hair -- this needs to be done in a professional manner. Facial hair will need to be neatly trimmed and well-kept. As with the current grooming standards, Sheriff Roberts has final say.

Here is the Sheriff's Office temporary grooming policy for the month of November 2018. The policy will return to its previous terms promptly on Dec. 1, 2018.


Personnel may elect to have a beard or goatee. Beards and goatees will be neatly trimmed and at no time be longer than one inch when extended straight out from the skin surface.

A beard is defined as hair grown covering the face line in a continuous pattern from sideburns, along the cheek line, covering the chin and connecting with a mustache.

A goatee is hair that is grown in a continuous pattern including the chin and mustache but does not extend along the cheek line and does not connect to sideburns.


Amber Jayne Eldridge
Amber Jayne Eldridge
UPDATE: Sheriff's Office seeks tips in search for missing person Amber Eldridge, last seen in Molalla; search mission underway (Photo) - 11/04/18

UPDATE: November 4, 2018 6 p.m. 

On Sunday, November 4th at around 4 p.m. Search and Rescue volunteer searchers located the body of Amber Jayne Eldridge. Her body was located in the search area about 700 feet from her vehicle. Over 50 volunteer searchers had been looking for her over the last two days. The terrain that she was located in was described as steep ground with thick trees and underbrush.

At this time her cause of death is still under investigation. Investigators do not suspect foul play at this time.


Please reference CCSO Case # 18-029826

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office is seeking the public's help as it looks for missing person Amber Jayne Eldridge, 35. A photo is attached.

Amber Eldridge was last seen in Molalla around 5:45 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018. She told friends she was heading back to Salem; however, her car was found on Sawtell Road in the Santiam National Forest, 15 miles south of Molalla.

Sheriff's Office Search & Rescue Coordinators are currently leading a search mission in the area. They are assisted by personnel from Pacific Northwest Search & Rescue (PNWSAR), Portland Mountain Rescue (PMR), Mountain Wave, and the Lane County Sheriff's Office Explorer Post.

A photo of Amber Eldridge is attached. She is described as follows:

  • White female
  • 35 years old
  • Salem resident
  • 5'6" tall, 130 lbs.
  • Blonde hair

Anyone with information on Amber Eldridge's whereabouts is urged to contact the Sheriff's Office -- at our non-emergency number (503- 655-8211) or by contacting the Sheriff's Office Tip Line at 503-723-4949 or . Please reference CCSO Case # 18-029826.



Attached Media Files: Amber Jayne Eldridge
Photo update: Booking photo attached (Photo) - 11/01/18

UPDATE: Booking photo of Mr. Folsom is now attached.

[UPDATE: Hit-and-run intersection address amended]

Please reference CCSO Case # 18-029625

At approximately 4 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018, Clackamas County Sheriff's Office deputies were dispatched to a hit-and-run near the intersection of Glen Echo and Mcloughlin Blvd. in Gladstone.

A white 2015 Toyota Rav4 had crashed into the Clemens Marina boat dealership, and the driver had reportedly fled the scene after being confronted by witnesses.

Deputies arrived to find extensive damage to several boats, trailers, and the dealership's fence. Photos from the crash scene are attached.

Deputies searched the area for the suspect, but were unable to locate him. Witnesses told deputies the driver smelled like alcohol and appeared to be intoxicated.

Approximately an hour later the male suspect driver -- Matthew Jay Kenneth Folsom, 19, of Gresham -- walked back to the crash scene, reportedly yelling and cursing at deputies and officers, who quickly took him into custody.

Damage to the boat dealership was estimated around $150,000.

Matthew Folsom was arrested and booked into Clackamas County Jail on charges including Criminal Mischief I, Hit and Run Vehicle -- Property, and DUII -- Alcohol. Bail was set at $15,000. His complete booking information is here:


The Sheriff’s Office is seeking additional information in this case. Anyone with information on Matthew Folsom's whereabouts and activities leading up to the crash is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office Tip Line -- by phone at 503-723-4949 or by using the online email form at . Please reference CCSO Case # 18-029625.


Raise the cabin cruiser! Marine Unit, Dive Team, Marine Board work to rescue sunken boat while owner/resident sits in jail on stolen-vehicle charges; salvage video available (Photo) - 10/31/18

Please reference CCSO Case # 18-029047

VIDEO: Salvage operation (Monday, Oct. 29, 2018, .mp4 format):

Just before 9 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 24, the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office Marine Unit responded to a report of an illegally moored -- and now sunken -- boat in West Linn.

The sunken boat -- a 30-foot 1976 Sea Ray Cabin Cruiser -- was tied to a public fishing dock just upriver from the Oregon City/West Linn bridge. Only about 6 feet of the bow pointed up out of the water. Smaller, rear mooring lines had snapped during the sinking, and the boat remained tied to the dock by a single line. It had reportedly been tied there for several days, slowly taking on water. (Photos of the submerged craft are attached.)

The boat's owner -- Mark Douglas Simon, 41, who reportedly uses the boat as a mobile floating residence -- was well-known to deputies: He had most recently been arrested on Oct. 16 by West Linn PD while allegedly siphoning gas out of a stolen vehicle, and had been booked into Clackamas County Jail on charges including two counts of Possession of a Stolen Vehicle and one count of Theft III. His bail was set at $40,000. (A booking photo is attached.) He was in jail while his boat sank and remains in jail at this writing. West Linn PD officers reported that Simon told them he was out getting fuel for the boat when he was arrested.

If the remaining mooring line snapped, the cabin cruiser would likely sink to the bottom in approximately 70 feet or more of water. Officials needed to act fast.

The Sheriff's Office Dive Team deployed to the scene, diving down to secure additional ropes to the boat underwater. Deputies also contacted Mr. Simon in jail to inform him of the state of his watercraft.

The Oregon State Marine Board (OSMB) was contacted to help with recovery of the vessel. They contracted Fred Divine Diving and Salvage Company to salvage, tow, store and (if necessary) dispose of the vessel, and served Mr. Simon with a post seizure notice.

The salvage operation took place on Monday, Oct. 29, 2018. Video of the operation can be downloaded from this Dropbox address:

The cost of the salvage was paid by the Oregon State Marine Board (OSMB), funded largely by boat registration fees. Thanks to our partner agencies and Fred Divine Diving and Salvage for their assistance in this operation.


Booking photo: Martin Gallo-Gallardo
Booking photo: Martin Gallo-Gallardo
UPDATE (Tuesday, Oct. 30): Detectives ID body, make arrest in murder of woman left in ditch on Camp Namanu Road (Photo) - 10/30/18

UPDATE (Tuesday, Oct. 30): Detectives ID body, make arrest in murder of woman left in ditch on Camp Namanu Road

Detectives have identified the body and made an arrest in the case of a woman murdered and then left in a ditch in the Bull Run/Sandy area.

Working with the Portland Police Bureau, yesterday (Oct. 29) Sheriff's Office detectives were able to identify the body discovered on the morning of Oct. 28 as Coral Rodriguez-Lorenzo, 38, of Southeast Portland. She had been listed as a missing person out of Portland.

Detectives located and brought in the victim's husband, Martin Gallo-Gallardo, 45, of southeast Portland, for questioning.

During an Oct. 29 interview with a bilingual detective, Martin Gallo-Gallardo confessed to the murder of Coral Rodriguez-Lorenzo, and was arrested and booked into Clackamas County Jail on a charge of Murder. He is being held without bail. A booking photo is attached. His complete booking info can be found at

Thanks to the Clackamas County DA's Office, Clackamas County Inter-agency Task Force (CCITF), and Portland Police Bureau homicide detectives and Missing Persons Unit for their help in this investigation and arrest.



Please reference CCSO Case # 18-29292

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help as it works to identify a victim of a homicide, dumped in a ditch on SE Camp Namanu Road.

At approximately 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 28, a Camp Namanu employee found the body of a female on SE Camp Namanu Rd., near the Sandy River in the Bull Run/Sandy area. Early determinations are that the body had been dumped sometime between Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

The Sheriff's Office Forensic Imaging Unit is currently producing a sketch of the victim from photos of the body. The sketch is anticipated to be released in the near future. The victim is further described as follows:

  • Female in her mid-20s to early 30s
  • Approximately 5'4" tall
  • Weighed approximately 155 lbs., medium build
  • Possibly Hispanic/Latina
  • Wearing black shirt with cut-out shoulders, salmon-colored jeans, silver strappy sandals and a large black fabric hair tie

Sheriff's Office detectives and Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) responded to the scene, along with the Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office and the Medical Examiner’s Office.  Washington County Sheriff's Office Cadets have conducted a grid search of area, assisted by our Crime Scene Investigation Unit.

An autopsy by the Oregon State Medical Examiner's Office has been completed and it has been determined the victim died of homicidal violence.

Employees at nearby Camp Namanu are cooperating fully with investigators and have released the following statement:

“Safety is our number one priority for those at camp, including renters, campers and our staff. We have been and will continue to work with the authorities as they investigate this incident.  Our hearts and thoughts go out to the woman and her family.”


Anyone with information on the victim's ID or this apparent homicide is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office Tip Line -- by phone at 503-723-4949 or by using the online email form at . Please reference CCSO Case # 18-29292.


Solis booking photo
Solis booking photo
Happy Valley victim detains burglary suspect, HV police and CCSO respond and make arrest; Booking photos attached (Photo) - 10/23/18

On October 18, 2018 at approximately 2:15 p.m. Happy Valley deputies and Clackamas County deputies responded to a reported residential burglary in progress in the 8900 block of SE 139th Ave., Happy Valley.  It was reported that the homeowner had detained a suspect who was leaving the residence carrying stolen items.

Deputies arrived and found the homeowner had detained Edward Cerf, 20 years old from Oregon City, who was wearing a gray jumpsuit with the name “Shawn” on it.  Deputies also located admitted failed lookout Gabriella Solis, 19 years old from Milwaukie, approximately one block away as she sat sleeping in her vehicle.

In a conversation with the homeowners, it was discovered that the residence had been burglarized multiple times and that they had recently installed security measures that they believe allowed them to catch the suspects in the act. 

Mr. Cerf was transported and lodged in the Clackamas County Jail on a Burglary II charge and a Parole Hold.  Ms. Solis was transported and lodged in the Clackamas County Jail on a charge of Burglary II.

Three Clackamas County cities – Happy Valley, Estacada, and Wilsonville – contract with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office to provide municipal police services.


*Media opportunity:

The victim is willing to speak with media members and stress the importance of security systems, calling 911 quickly and cooperating with police.  Please contact PIO Sgt. Brian Jensen to make arrangements if interested.


Attached Media Files: Solis booking photo , Cerf booking photo