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News Releases
Sheriff's Office names boathouse in honor of Sgt. Damon Coates (Photo) - 08/06/20

On Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020, Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts met with retired CCSO Sgt. Damon Coates and officially re-dedicated the CCSO Marine Unit Boathouse as the "Sergeant Damon Coates Boathouse." 

This was a small ceremony due to COVID-19 restrictions. The new boathouse name recognizes Sgt. Coates and his years of service in public safety.

The Sheriff's Office would like to thank Architectural Metalcrafters Inc. for creating the new plaque affixed to the boathouse.

Photos from the dedication are attached.


Sgt. Damon Coates' incredible story is one of struggle and survival.

As a Clackamas County Sheriff's Office deputy, Coates worked in patrol, training, and our narcotics unit. He was a well-liked public information officer, representing our agency in the news. He also knew — and knows — how to have fun, indulging a love for the outdoors, fishing and classic cars.

On Jan. 9, 2003, he was responding to a call with other deputies in the Milwaukie area. Parents were reporting erratic behavior by their son, 15-year-old Nicholas Teixeira.

Sgt. Coates was about to search Teixeira when Teixeira produced a stolen gun hidden in a sofa. He shot Damon in the face before being shot by another deputy, Mark Fresh.

The shooting permanently disabled Damon. He retired to devote his life to rehabilitation from a debilitating brain injury. His family has supported him throughout this journey to reclaim as much independence as possible. His West Linn home was remodeled to accommodate his new reality.

Over the years, Damon has made astonishing progress. He has suffered setbacks including pneumonia, seizures, and bacterial meningitis. But he refuses to give up, and he remains an inspiration to all of us.

Damon's wife Tammy has said that faith gave her and Damon the strength to continue. "You have to hang on and have to hang on with your relationship with the Lord," she told a KGW reporter in 2013. "You can't make it really, without it."

There have been moments of joy amidst the struggle. In August 2009, the Queen Charlotte Lodge deep-sea fishing resort hosted Damon, Tammy and son Jered as they landed Coho and Chinook off the coast of British Columbia. Coates also enjoyed exhibiting his 1972 Chevy Rally Nova at car shows; he'd been restoring it when he was shot, and deputies, family and friends helped finish the restoration after the shooting, adding a hand-painted badge and custom plates reading "KODE 4." The Nova was christened "The Purple Heart," and became a fixture at the World of Speed automotive museum in Wilsonville. In August 2018 Damon sat in the Nova's passenger seat with his son Jesse at the wheel and Tammy in the back seat doing burnouts at the Woodburn Dragstrip. Coates did months of specialized therapy to allow him to get in and out of the car.

In a remarkable gesture, in 2013 Damon and Tammy met face-to-face with Nick Teixeira following a state Psychiatric Security Review Board hearing, 10 years after the shooting.

Damon continues to stay in touch with the Sheriff's Office, making appearances at Sheriff's Office events, including swearing-in ceremonies and his colleagues' retirement parties. In January 2015, he and Tammy joined me and other members of our law-enforcement family at a meeting of the County Commissioners, where they recognized his sacrifice as part of National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. World of Speed hosted a special get-together with Damon late last year.

In July 2019, CCSO personnel joined Damon Coates at the Oregon State Police Badge Ceremony, where Damon's son Jered received his OSP badge before heading off to the police academy to carry on his father's legacy of service. "I'm going to try and impact the community as much as he did," Jered told KPTV last year. "Huge shoes to fill, but if I can do half of what he did, then that's great."

"Knowing that we haven't forgotten Damon's service and his sacrifice means a lot to him and his family," said Sheriff Roberts, "and I think it's important for us as an organization to never forget that sacrifice."

In 2008, five years after the shooting, Damon spoke to reporters at the dedication of a "memorial bench" in his honor at the Sheriff's Office North Station. (A Marine Unit boat [photo attached] is also named in Coates' honor.)

"It's a dangerous job, but at the same time, there's a lot of honor," he told Fox12. And in a lengthy interview with KGW, he talked about his new life. At the time he was working out in near-daily therapy sessions — with the goal of walking again — and he and his wife Tammy Coates had recently purchased an RV and were preparing for one son's wedding. (He would later walk down the aisle at each of his sons' weddings.)

"I've met some pretty incredible goals thus far," he told Dooris. "It's a miracle I'm even here today, just sitting in the sunshine. I can still look back and see myself sitting in a hospital bed and thinking, 'Boy, will I ever get out of this place? Will I even live?'… I have enough faith in God that I know he's carried me this far for a reason. He's going to carry me further."


Sheriff's Office seeks tips, witnesses in July 23 hit and run; man, 60, severely injured (Photo) - 08/05/20

Please reference CCSO Case # 20-015441

Clackamas County Sheriff's Office detectives are asking for the public's help to ID the driver of a suspect SUV -- as well as a potential witness vehicle -- in a July 23 hit-and-run that left a 60-year-old man severely injured.

The hit-and-run occurred at approximately 7:46 p.m. on Thursday, July 23, on SE Sunnyside Road near SE Scooter Lane in Damascus. The suspect vehicle -- an SUV believed to be a 2000-2006 Chevy Suburban or Tahoe, dark in color (possibly black or dark blue), with aftermarket chrome wheels -- struck a 60-year-old male Damascus resident as the victim rode his bicycle.

The victim reportedly somersaulted over the front of the bike and hit the roadway, leaving the victim with severe head and internal injuries. The suspect vehicle then fled westbound on Sunnyside Road.

Surveillance photos of the suspect vehicle are attached. It may have passenger-side damage.

The victim was transported to OHSU for treatment of severe injuries.

Detectives are also looking for any additional witnesses to the hit-and-run, including the driver of a red pickup truck that passed the crime scene shortly after the bicyclist was hit (photo attached).

TIPS SOUGHT: Anyone with information on this hit and run, the suspect vehicle, or the possible witness vehicle is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office Tip Line — by phone at 503-723-4949 or by using the online email form at . Please reference CCSO Case # 20-015441.

VICTIM AVAILABLE FOR INTERVIEWS: The victim in this hit-and-run case is available for media interviews. Contact PIO Sgt. Mendoza if interested.


UPDATE: Sheriff's Office helps reunite stolen bike with owner; owner befriends young man who unwittingly purchased stolen bike from crime-spree suspect (Photo) - 08/05/20

On August 4, we helped reunite Dan Wille with his stolen mountain bike. In an unusual twist, this case sparked a friendship between Wille and the young man who was selling the bike online.

The young man was unaware the bike he'd purchased to fix up and re-sell had been stolen. (James Lee Adkins, the bike-theft suspect who sold the stolen bike to the young man, is under investigation after his February crime-spree arrest, detailed below.)

Here's the story:

Dan Wille (photo attached) had contacted the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office to report that he'd seen his mountain bike for sale online.

One of our deputies went to work, making contact with the seller.

The seller was identified as Rafael Bodnar, 16, of Portland. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Rafael Bodnar is NOT a suspect in this case. Rafael has been purchasing bikes, fixing them up, and selling them as a hobby. He was unaware this bike had been stolen. 

Rafael was happy to drop the bike off at the Sheriff’s Office so it could be returned to Wille, even though Rafael would lose his $500 investment in the bike he'd purchased to repair and re-sell. A photo of Rafael returning the bike is attached.

Deputies delivered the recovered bike to Wille yesterday at his residence. Wille was grateful for the assistance in recovering this bike and the attention his case was given, telling us, "Thanks to the Clackamas County Sheriff's Department... Rafael for returning the bike, the media for putting my story out there and getting my bike back to me as it was, and everyone else who sent photos and kept and eye out for my bike as well." (Media can download sound-bite video of Wille delivering this message here.)

Wille also spoke highly of Rafael, and told us the two have been communicating via text. Wille is well-connected within the local biking community, and has offered to help Rafael get a job at a bike shop if he wants to get more experience as a mechanic. Wille is also considering organizing community support to raise the $500 Rafael lost.

Our deputy is now looking into the person who sold the stolen bike to Rafael: James Lee Adkins.

James Adkins is well-known to authorities, with bike-theft cases proceeding through the court system. Careful readers may recall that Adkins was the subject of our Feb. 14 press release, reproduced below, in which he was arrested after a bike-theft crime spree that included "paying" for a bicycle with an envelope full of napkins and riding off with a 12-year-old's bicycle during a "test ride."

Below are links for two organizations that allow you to register your bike and will assist you with recovering it if should be stolen:

NOTE TO MEDIA: Both Dan Wille and Rafael Bodnar are willing to speak with reporters. Contact PIO Sgt. Mendoza if interested.

EARLIER (Feb. 14, 2020) -- Serial bike thief steals for-sale bicycle using envelope of napkins instead of money; also rides off with 12-year-old's bike during 'test ride'; victims willing to speak to media

Please reference CCSO Case #s 19-020691, 19-025748 and #19-026727

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office has submitted several criminal cases to the Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office regarding James Lee Adkins, 33, of Portland.

Adkins is a serial bike thief who has stolen bicycles for sale under false pretenses -- including presenting an envelope of "money" that was instead filled with paper napkins, as well as riding off with a 12-year-old boy's bicycle for a "test ride" and never returning. Victims are willing to speak to the media.

A breakdown of the relevant cases:

Case No 1:
CCSO Case #19-020691

Adkins 'buys' a bike with an envelope full of napkins
Sept. 1, 2019

The crime spree began on September 1, 2019, when James Adkins was identified as the suspect who stole a bicycle from a victim named Daniel.

Daniel had posted a mountain bike for sale on Facebook. A person named James Adkins responded, and said he wanted to purchase the bike. They agreed to meet at Clackamas Town Center. Adkins showed Daniel an envelope of money and verified it was the agreed-upon $900.

But while Daniel had his back turned to remove the bike from his vehicle, Adkins switched the envelopes.

They made the exchange, and Adkins rode off with the bike.

Daniel later discovered the envelope he was holding contained only napkins.

Case No. 2
CCSO Case #19-025748
A 'test ride' leads to a bike theft from a 12-year-old boy
Oct. 29, 2019

Following this incident, we took another report of James Adkins stealing a mountain bike from a victim named Jennifer. On October 29, 2019, Adkins met with Jennifer and her 12-year-old son; the boy's mountain bike had been listed for sale on Facebook for $1,395.

They agreed to meet at the Clackamas Fred Meyer.

Adkins asked if he could take the bike on a "test ride" in the parking lot.

Adkins reported rode a loop around the lot -- and then exited the lot with the bicycle, without notice and without paying for the bicycle.

After trying to find Adkins, the victims attempted to message and call Adkins, but he would not respond.

A screencap of an online ad in which Jennifer talks about the 33-year-old's brazen theft from a 12-year-old boy is attached.

Case No. 3
CCSO Case #19-026727
Shoplifting, meth -- and an arrest warrant
Nov. 11, 2019

On November 11, 2019, James Adkins was arrested for shoplifting and then subsequently for possession of Methamphetamine. One of our deputies was dispatched to Macy’s, located at 12100 SE 82nd Ave. in Clackamas Town Center.

Adkins had been detained by loss-prevention officers for shoplifting. The deputy arrived, reviewed the facts of the case, and placed Adkins under arrest. During processing, it was discovered Adkins was in possession of Methamphetamine. He was transported and booked at the Clackamas County Jail.

The felony charges associated with these cases went to the Grand Jury on January 30, 2020. After the Grand Jury reviewed the case, a judge issued warrants for the arrest of Adkins.

Feb. 11, 2020:
A Portland Police arrest; day in court set for March 11

Adkins was stopped by the Portland Police Bureau for a traffic violation on February 11, 2020. They arrested Adkins on two felony warrants out of Clackamas County and one misdemeanor warrant from Multnomah County. Adkins was booked at the Multnomah County Jail and released the following day, with a court date of March 11, 2020.

Tips, additional info sought

Deputies believe Adkins may have attempted or committed similar crimes in the metro area, as he has shown a pattern. In the two incidents listed above, Adkins used a Facebook profile using his own name and photo.

Anyone with information on James Lee Adkins or possible additional crimes involving Adkins can also contact the Sheriff’s Office Tip Line -- by phone at 503-723-4949 or by using the online email form at .

Victims willing to speak to media

Two of the victims are willing to speak with the media. Media can contact PIO Sgt. Mendoza to obtain their contact information.

Booking photos of Adkins and a photo of one of the stolen bicycles are attached.


UPDATE -- NEW PHOTOS: Sheriff's Office investigates early-morning arson in Clackamas; surveillance video available; tips sought; homeowner available for interviews (Photo) - 07/30/20

UPDATE: FireResponse5.jpg and FireRespone6.jpg have been edited to mask a visible license-plate number; please use these replacement photos instead.

Please reference CCSO Case #20-015960


At 5:10 a.m. on Thursday, July 30, 2020, Clackamas Fire District #1 firefighters and Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to a report of a residential fire on SE 121st Pl. in Clackamas.

The homeowner told 911 dispatchers he had seen someone starting a fire on his front porch. The homeowner identified himself as Alphonse Cardens, 38, of Vancouver. Cardens said he the suspect starting the fire via a Ring surveillance camera.

This Ring footage can be downloaded from this Dropbox address:

Firefighters and deputies responded to the location to find the front porch and the front part of the structure on fire. Firefighters quickly put out the fire and ensured everyone was evacuated from the residence. No one was injured.

Deputies began to investigate. Cardens -- owner of the SE 121st property -- came to the house and provided deputies with a copy of the Ring surveillance video.

The suspect is only partially seen in the video for a few seconds. He is described as a young white male with brown hair wearing a red t-shirt. The suspect is seen pouring what appears to be an accelerant on a fire that had already been started.

The suspect is believed to have fled on foot East on SE Mel Brooks Way to SE 122nd Avenue before continuing east on SE Mather Road.

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this as an arson. Deputies are asking for the public's help to identify the suspect.

TIPS SOUGHT: If you saw anything or have video surveillance of the suspect in the area of the crime around 5 a.m. on Thursday, July 30, you are urged to contact the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line — by phone at 503-723-4949 or by using the online email form at . Please reference CCSO Case # 20-015960.

INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITY: The owner of the residence, Alphonse Cardens, is willing to speak to media outlets. Please contact PIO Sgt. Mendoza if interested.

Photos from the fire scene are attached.


UPDATE: Sheriff's Office leads successful Sunday SAR mission to rescue two fallen climbers on Mt. Hood; one transported with injuries (Photo) - 07/27/20


As mentioned in the initial release on this rescue, the two rescued subjects do not want to talk to the media, and request privacy at this time. The male rescuee additionally contacted the Sheriff's Office this afternoon, asking us to pass along the following request of media outlets: The two rescued subjects are asking that media outlets not use their names in news stories about Sunday's SAR operation.


Please reference CCSO Case # 20-015599

At 9:42 a.m. on Sunday, July 26, 2020, the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office was notified of a climbing accident on Mt Hood.

Within minutes, dispatch notified Sheriff's Office Search & Rescue (SAR) Coordinators, and they deployed along with volunteers from American Medical Response's Reach and Treat (RAT) Team and from Portland Mountain Rescue (PMR).

Initial reports were that two climbers had fallen approximately 1,000 feet and suffered injuries. Other climbers on the mountain had made their way to where the patients were located, and were rendering aid. The location of the two climbers was determined to be west of Hogsback, behind Crater Rock, at approximately 10,000 feet.

Based on this initial information, SAR Coordinators feared there might be significant injuries. They later learned one climber had moderate injuries and the second had only suffered minor injuries. The two climbers were tethered, and authorities believe they in fact slid about 700 feet down the mountain. 

The climber with moderate injuries was identified as Michelle Malik, 33, of Forest Grove. She had been climbing with her husband Travis Malik 30, of Forest Grove, who suffered minor injuries.

The Hood River Crag Rats joined SAR Coordinators, AMR's RAT Team, and PMR at Timberline Lodge. The Hood River Sheriff's Office also sent a SAR Coordinator to assist, Mountain Wave deployed to help with communications, and U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement joined the rescue effort.

The first team of rescuers reached the Maliks and the climbers helping them just after 1 p.m. on Sunday. A helicopter from the Oregon Army National Guard had been requested, but it was canceled when rescuers determined the moderately injured climber was not critically injured.

Rescue teams stabilized Michelle and began their decent to Timberline Lodge. Rescuers arrived at Timberline Lodge around 6 p.m. on Sunday, where they were met by AMR paramedics. Michelle was transported her to an area hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. 

Travis Malik was able to provide assistance to Michelle alongside rescuers, and came down the mountain under his own power.

Michelle and Travis Malik do not want to talk to the media, and request privacy at this time.

SAR Coordinators and rescuers stressed that Mt. Hood is unpredictable this time of year due to snow melt, ice fall and rock fall dangers. We are outside of the normal climbing season, and climbing Mt. Hood is not advised at this time.

According to PMR, the climbers were roped together but were not setting anchors to hold a fall. They were wearing microspikes instead of technical crampons for grip on the ice. One of the climbers lost her footing and fell, and the roped-together climbers fell 700 feet down the crater wall, landing close to the Hot Rocks fumarole at the bottom. Miraculously, the resulting injuries were not life-threatening.

Photos from the rescue operation are attached.


UPDATE: Sheriff's Office sergeant injured, subject deceased following officer-involved shooting in Welches (Photo) - 07/16/20


The names of the involved officers and deputies in the July 3 incident can now be released:

  • Sgt. Sean Collinson, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, with 25 years of service.
  • Ofc. William Wetherbee, Sandy Police Department, with 12 years of service.
  • Ofc. Michael Boyes, Sandy Police Department, with 4 months of service. Identified as the officer who fired his weapon.

The subject who died at the scene had been identified as Doug Diamond, 58 years old, of Tualatin, Oregon.

On July 3, 2020, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to the Mt. Hood Village RV Park (65000 E. Hwy. 26) on a report of a suicidal subject who was armed. The deputies arrived a short time later and located Doug Diamond outside of his RV in the camping area. Deputies, including a crisis negotiator, began a dialog with Mr. Diamond that went on for several minutes. During that time, a Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office sergeant and officers from the Sandy Police Department responded to the scene as well.

As the situation evolved, deputies began to issue verbal commands to Mr. Diamond, who refused to comply. A less-than-lethal shotgun was used, as well as a Taser, but neither were effective in subduing Diamond. As the incident continued, an attempt was made to physically take Diamond into custody. In the struggle, Diamond produced a semi-automatic handgun, pointing it at the Clackamas County sergeant. A Sandy Police officer then fired his duty weapon, striking Diamond. Additionally during the event, the CCSO sergeant was shot, suffering injuries to his arm and finger.

Investigators now believe the Sandy Police officer was the only person to fire a weapon.

Deputies and officers on scene rendered immediate first aid to Mr. Diamond and to the sergeant. Mr. Diamond died at the scene. The sergeant was transported to an area hospital and is in good condition, recovering from his injuries at home.

As per the Clackamas County Deadly Physical Force Plan, the Clackamas County Interagency Major Crimes Team agreement, and Oregon Senate Bill 111, a joint investigation was initiated. This response included detectives and investigators from the Oregon State Police, Molalla Police, Tualatin Police, Oregon City Police, Lake Oswego Police, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office and Clackamas County Medical Examiner’s Office.

This joint investigation is ongoing. The involved officers and deputies are currently on paid administrative leave, as is protocol following a deadly use of force.

The initial Twitter post from the Sheriff’s Office stated that Diamond had shot the sergeant. This was based on information initially available from the scene. Following forensic work and interviews, investigators have since determined that initial information was inaccurate. That initial tweet has been deleted.


Please reference CCSO Case # 20-013809

An officer-involved shooting this afternoon left one Clackamas County Sheriff's Office sergeant wounded and the subject dead following a confrontation at the Mt. Hood Village RV Resort in Welches. The sergeant's injuries are not life-threatening.

At 2:46 p.m. on Friday, July 3, 2020, Sheriff’s Office deputies and Sandy Police officers responded to a welfare check on a possibly suicidal subject at the Mt. Hood Village RV Resort in Welches. Deputies received information from a family member that the subject was in mental-health crisis.

Deputies responded to the Mt. Hood Village RV Resort, located at 65000 E. Hwy. 26 in Welches.

Upon arrival, deputies contacted a 58-year-old white male subject. A Patrol deputy who is also a crisis negotiator was on-scene and attempted to reason with the subject in an attempt to de-escalate the situation.

Investigators are still conducting interviews and reconstructing the ensuing confrontation. At this writing, investigators have determined that law enforcement personnel attempted to deploy less-lethal options to subdue the subject, without success; the subject produced a handgun; and one member of law enforcement shot the subject, killing him.

During the confrontation a Sheriff's Office Patrol sergeant was shot in the arm. The injured sergeant did not fire his weapon. The injured sergeant and officers on-scene immediately began to provide first-aid to the subject. Deputies then realized the sergeant had been shot and had him stop providing aid. They placed a tourniquet on the injured sergeant's arm.

The sergeant was alert and communicating with AMR and Hoodland Fire paramedics at the scene. Life Flight was called, but the deputy was transported to an area hospital by AMR ambulance after the wounds were determined to be non-life-threatening. He was treated and released.

The Sheriff's Office and the multi-agency Clackamas County Major Crimes Team are leading the shooting investigation. Currently, detectives from Tualatin PD, Oregon State Police, Mollala PD, Canby PD, and Lake Oswego PD, as well as CRAFT and CSI technicians are processing the scene and detectives are conducting interviews. Personnel from the Clackamas County District Attorney's Office and Clackamas County Medical Examiner's Office are also on-scene.

Photos from the scene are attached. B-roll video can be downloaded from this Dropbox address:

The deceased suspect's name will not be released at this time pending family notifications.

The injured sergeant's name will not be released at this time pending family notifications.


UPDATE -- SUSPECT ID, CHARGES: Sheriff's Office involved in crash on SE 82nd following pursuit (Photo) - 07/16/20


Please reference CCSO Case # 20-014302

The two deputies involved in the crash during the July 9 pursuit were not seriously injured. They are doing well and are expected to return to full duty soon. 

The suspect in the July 9 pursuit can now be identified as CHRISTIAN ARMANDO PEREZ ROBLES, 19, of Gresham. He goes by the nickname "The Penguin." A booking photo is attached.

Perez Robles had sold a Ruger 10/22 rifle with aftermarket stock (photo attached) to members of the Clackamas County Inter-agency Task Force (CCITF), and told task-force members he had access to grenades and AR-15 rifles.

Christian Armando "The Penguin" Perez Robles currently resides in Clackamas County Jail on charges including:


Bail is set at $120,000.

The CCITF is continuing to investigate narcotics and weapons charges, including distribution of weapons and narcotics and undocumented transfer of a firearm. During an ensuing search warrant, CCITF members also recovered 50 grams of heroin (photo attached) from The Penguin's residence.

The Sheriff's Office welcomes any additional tips on possible criminal activity by Christian Armando "The Penguin" Perez Robles. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office Tip Line — by phone at 503-723-4949 or by using the online email form at . Please reference CCSO Case # 20-014302.

EARLIER (July 9) -- Sheriff's Office involved in crash on SE 82nd following pursuit; two deputies transported with injuries

At approximately 8:07 p.m. on Thursday, July 9, 2020, Clackamas County Sheriff's Office deputies attempted to stop a vehicle driven by a suspect under investigation for careless driving and possible additional criminal activity. The suspect fled the stop. Deputies pursued south on SE 82nd Avenue.

Deputies used a PIT maneuver in an attempt to end the pursuit. The suspect's vehicle was successfully disabled and came to a stop in the middle of SE 82nd Avenue, just south of the Hwy. 224 offramp.

After performing the PIT maneuver, one of Sheriff's Office vehicles lost control and crashed.

Two deputies in the patrol vehicle were transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The suspect was not injured and was taken into custody. One other unrelated vehicle was also involved in the crash, and the single occupant of that vehicle was not injured.

Oregon State Police is investigating the crash with the assistance of the Criminal Reconstruction and Forensic Technicians (CRAFT). Clackamas Fire personnel also responded to the crash scene.

Southeast 82nd Avenue between SE Sunnybrook and Hwy. 224 will likely be closed several more hours during this crash investigation. Please avoid the area.

Investigators can release no further details at this time.


UPDATE -- NEW DETAILS: Wilsonville PD seeks tips in death investigation (Photo) - 07/15/20


Following an autopsy, investigators now believe Kristi Dumont's death may have been caused by an auto/pedestrian hit-and-run. 

Investigators are asking if anyone saw suspicious vehicle activity between 10 p.m. on Saturday, July 11 and 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 12 in the area of SW Town Center Loop West and SW Wilsonville Road, on the south side of SW Wilsonville Road.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Sheriff's Office Tip Line -- by phone at 503-723-4949 or by using the online email form at . Please reference CCSO Case # 20-014489.

Authorities are also working to get this case listed on Crime Stoppers with a reward attached. This will be confirmed in a later release update.


Please reference CCSO Case # 20-014489

Shortly after midnight on Sunday, July 12, 2020, deputies contracted to the Wilsonville Police Department responded to a welfare check on a subject in the area of SW Town Center Loop West and SW Wilsonville Road in Wilsonville.

Paramedics with Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue and American Medical Response responded to the scene as well.

First responders arrived and found a severely injured woman -- identified as Kristi L. Dumont, 38, of Hubbard  -- at the location.

Paramedics immediately rendered aid transported her to an area hospital. 

Dumont died as result of her injuries at the hospital. Her injuries were described by investigators as "blunt force trauma."

A Wilsonville PD detective and Sheriff's Office detectives responded to assist patrol deputies in this death investigation, along with a Clackamas County Deputy Medical Examiner and Sheriff's Office Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) and Criminal Reconstruction and Forensic Technicians (CRAFT)

Detectives would like to speak with anyone who may have seen or had contact with Dumont last night.  She was known to frequent the City of Wilsonville, and had been seen around the SW Town Center Loop area in Wilsonville last night (Saturday, July 11). A photo of Kristi Dumont is attached.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Sheriff's Office Tip Line -- by phone at 503-723-4949 or by using the online email form at . Please reference CCSO Case # 20-014489.

Three Clackamas County cities -- Happy Valley, Estacada and Wilsonville -- contract with the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office to provide municipal police services.


Attached Media Files: KristiDumont.jpg