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News Release
New Vanpool Options Available for Long Distance Commuters - 01/08/18

Valley VanPool is offering four new options for long distance commuting between Eugene, Salem, and Albany, beginning this month. Vanpooling affords people, who work long distances from their homes, the opportunity to commute in a more sustainable and cost-effective way than driving alone in their car.

Drive alone commuters between Salem and Eugene typically spend more than $500 per month just for gas, tires, and maintenance, while also spending about 500 hours each year behind the wheel of a car.

The same commute utilizing the Salem to Eugene commuter vanpool currently costs $170 a month and allows the rider to sit back and relax, while saving money on gas, wear and tear, as well as reducing traffic and air pollution.

The first new route, which launched on Jan. 3, travels from Salem to Eugene accommodating a workday schedule that falls between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Two other routes running from Eugene to Salem are expected to begin later this month. One of these is designed to accommodate a 4/10 flexible work schedule that begins at 6:30 a.m., with an expected departure time at 5:30 p.m. The fourth vanpool route runs from Eugene to Albany and also starts in mid-January.

Valley VanPool currently supports 47 vanpools that serve more than 400 commuters in the Willamette Valley. Commuters find that vanpooling allows them to relax, read, work, or even sleep instead of fighting traffic.

Valley VanPool is a collaboration of Cascades West Rideshare (Albany), Cherriots Trip Choice (Salem) and Point2point at Lane Transit District. Current routes serve Albany/Corvallis, Eugene, Salem, Portland, Sheridan, and more. For more information on any route, please visit ValleyVanPool.Info or contact