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News Releases
CCSO's Review and Implementation of Washington State 2021 Police Reform Legislation -- Sheriff Atkins - 07/22/21

CCSO’s Review and Implementation of Washington State 2021 Police Reform Legislation – Sheriff Atkins


The Washington State Legislature has completed in April the most significant package of police reforms in our history of current law enforcement. A majority of these laws come into effect on Sunday, July 25, 2021. These new laws were not passed by a vote of the people, but by legislators who to varying degrees did not constructively collaborate with various law enforcement groups during the legislative process. I remain concerned that language in the new laws that appears reasonable on its face, and could make sense to the average person, is problematic for the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. In addition, these reforms create challenges for our governmental partners and for citizens in ways that we will have to mitigate the best that the law allows.


Our concern is that the new legislation will have some unintentional consequences that could put the public and police officers in jeopardy. I expect that people could see a reduced police response and extended investigations as a result. I expect that despite our best efforts to the contrary, Clark County could be on a trajectory now to see the same type of increased crime and violence that larger cities are experiencing – elsewhere in Washington, Oregon, and across the country. 

  • The Legislature has made clear it’s intention to reduce police contacts and police presence and therefore reduce police use of force. This tactic will be successful, but it comes with a cost.


  • The Legislature has created a new “duty to leave the scene” for law enforcement officers. In the absence of a crime or an imminent threat of death or substantial bodily harm, law enforcement officers have a duty to leave the sceneHB 1310


  • As of July 25th, the legislature has changed long standing state laws, based upon common law throughout the country, on when and under what circumstances it is lawful to use force. The new laws prohibit the use of force in any circumstance otherwise – making such use of force unlawful

If a law enforcement officer puts hands on someone to restrain them even slightly, this is a “use of force”. Prior to this new law, an officer who was able to articulate reasonable suspicion of a crime was authorized by law to use “objectively reasonable” force (as established by federal law and the US Supreme Court) as necessary to detain the person until it could be determined if they had committed a crime.


  • From a practical standpoint, the former law gave deputies the authority to detain someone, and use force if necessary to temporarily detain them, based upon them matching the description of a criminal leaving the scene of a crime, at least until deputies could arrive and help determine if there had been a crime, and if it was probable that the person detained had committed that crime. 
    • For example, as law enforcement responds to an armed robbery at a convenience store. A subject matching the description of the robbery suspect is seen running away as deputies are arriving. We no longer have the authority to physically stop and detain (if they resist) that individual under these new reforms. We now need enough information (probable cause to make an arrest) to detain the suspect using force (grabbing, holding, etc.) and stop him.



  • As a result, the very basic aspects of how law enforcement conducts itself is changing, and a paradigm shift must take place in the process. This includes those in law enforcement, as well as those governmental and community service groups who partner with law enforcement, and those who receive the services provided by law enforcement. That is all changing, rapidly.


  • The governmental and community service groups include 911 dispatchers, fire departments, emergency medical services, child protective services, adult protective services, community mental health advocates, and homeless outreach services among many others.


  • Law enforcement, over time, has become the default for almost every “emergency problem” in our community. As I have often said, “If you’re not on fire or bleeding…it becomes a law enforcement problem.” This was neither sought after nor desired, and police response and jail booking became the default for dealing with a wide variety of behaviors that at their core were not crimes or criminal conduct. This particularly relates to people experiencing substance use issues, and mental crisis. RCW 71.05.455


  • Those encounters routinely involved the potential of varying levels of use of force, either to get the person to leave a place of business where they were not wanted, or to get them into health services. It is now unlawful to use force on such a person for which there is not probable cause that they have committed a crime or are an “imminent threat” of causing death or substantial bodily harm to another.


  • "Imminent threat of serious physical injury or death" means that, based on the totality of the circumstances, it is objectively reasonable to believe that a person has the present and apparent      ability, opportunity, and intent to immediately cause death or serious bodily injury to the peace officer or another person. 


  • The new law does not allow for use of force for enforcing civil orders for taking persons into custody for their health or welfare, for example. 


  • The terminology of “Use of force” is typically associated with lethal, or deadly force. Use of force can also be forcing someone onto a gurney to be transported to a hospital, mental health, or substance use treatment center.
  • Forcing a runaway child into a patrol car to be returned home, or to a hospital, or other treatment center.
  • These are examples where it is unlawful for law enforcement officers to use force.


  • Law enforcement officers determined to have used force unlawfully can now be de-certified by the state, absent the involvement of their Police Chief or Sheriff. 


  • If police officers have a duty to leave the scene, absent a crime, or imminent threat of death or substantial bodily injury – then police administrators, supervisors and dispatchers must seriously consider whether it is appropriate to send a police officer to such a call. A police officer who remains on-scene of a call, absent a crime or threat of imminent death or substantial bodily injury, is violating the law and is subject to being decertified by the state.


  • New laws establish criteria for mandatory and discretionary de-certification and suspension of peace officers (and corrections officers) for what we consider to be the potential of errors in judgement, and mistakes, as opposed to intentional bad faith acts, decisions, or intentional excessive use of force. 


  • Several police agencies in the state that adopted policies regarding the new law, have already reported numerous incidents indicating an inability to provide services to those on drugs or in mental crisis, and reduced public safety, because of the new law.


  • In some instances, police are being called back to a scene, perhaps repeatedly, for their not having had the lawful authority to resolve the situation the first time - delivering the person in crisis to treatment for example, because it’s unlawful to use force for such a purpose under the new law.


  • This creates a drain on already limited resources. As an anti-law enforcement sentiment has swept the country, law enforcement officers are leaving the profession in unprecedented numbers, many of them retiring early, or just going and getting new jobs, often at the urging of their spouses or significant others. This has occurred with Clark County deputies.


  • Our agency, like many across the country and the state, are at critically low staffing shortages already, and having difficulty recruiting new hires as it was. The Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs recently distributed a report reflecting that Washington state is 51st out of 50 states (when you include Washington DC) in the staffing metric of officers-per-thousand residents. Clark County is the lowest in the state of Washington at .65 officer-per-thousand. 


  • This staffing shortage may be further exacerbated by the new “Duty of Care” doctrine created with the policing reform laws. This creates a higher standard of avoiding the use of force, in part by requiring deputies to request back-up deputies in effort to minimize the need for use of force. This will likely result in more deputies attending to fewer calls. Doing so reduces further the number of available deputies to respond to other calls, while at the same time angering some in the community who will object to an increased number of deputies as a “show of force”.


Resulting changes to how the Clark County Sheriff’s Office operates:


  • Call response: If there is no outward appearance of a crime, and no threat of “imminent” harm, supervisors/sergeants must consider the totality of circumstances prior to allowing units to respond. Calls which historically included a police response, but may not any longer include people in mental crisis, suicidal individuals, Involuntary Treatment Act/Mental Health Pickups, runaways, civil standbys, evictions, parenting plan transfers, assist fire/ems with resistant of struggling/resistive patients, etc. These are all examples where there is no crime, and typically no threat of “imminent harm of death or substantial bodily harm.” For example, RCW 71.05.455 states, “…law enforcement officers are not mental health professionals. It is the intent of the legislature that mental health incidents are addressed by mental health professionals.” The Legislature’s intent is very clear. They do not want law enforcement officers present at non-criminal events.


  • For example, a person in mental crisis, shouting on a street corner, even if openly waving a stick at the air is not committing a crime. They do not represent a threat of “imminent” harm of death of substantial bodily injury, in the legal sense as defined by the law.


  • Sergeants will need to continuously evaluate what their deputies should/should not respond to, if the matter is not criminal, and there is no threat of imminent harm, the new law requires the deputy to leave the scene. 
  • This significantly impacts “community caretaking” efforts that our deputies have engaged in for decades. We will work diligently at identifying alternate resources for people calling for assistance in such circumstances, trying to steer them to help where it may be otherwise available.


  • We will also look to handle more calls by phone, which means people will not see deputies responding in person as often as they may be accustom.


Clark County Sheriff’s deputies have a long history of routinely and repeatedly putting their lives on the line, literally running into buildings, business, or other places upon hearing gunshots, or believing that a husband is trying to kill his wife, or that an armed murder suspect is hiding inside. We have a long history of protecting and safeguarding ALL of our community members in this way, regardless of race, gender, sexual preference or any other characteristic. We have and do risk our lives for the community, much more frequently than what most people can imagine.


Law Enforcement is still a NOBLE profession. Detractors have painted the industry with a very broad brush, seeking to vilify each and every police officer/deputy – regardless of individual gender, race, honesty, integrity, courage, heroism or decades of commendable service. We recognize most of our citizens still support us and how we serve them. Our MISSION has not changed – “to protect and safeguard the community.” We will continue to perform our duties with pride, courage, and diligence; free of bias or discrimination – but our operational procedures MUST change – as dictated by the legislature. We will continue to adjust our operational procedures in the weeks and months to come as we gain greater insight and understanding into the expectations of us from our community, the Courts, the Legislature, and our governmental business partners.

Detectives seek public assistance in locating witnesses to fatality collision (Photo) - 07/21/21

In reference our previous news release on 7/12, on 7/11 at 10:08pm a two vehicle collision occurred at the intersection of NE 172nd Avenue and NE 159th Street in Hockinson.  The collision resulted in the death of Nicholas Crown.  The Clark County Sheriff's Office Traffic Unit is seeking witnesses to the collision or driving on the part of either vehicle prior to the collision event.  Surveillance video captured the images of two vehicles which were in proximity just before or immediately after the crash.  The first photo is of a white or silver smaller SUV pulling a travel trailer westbound on NE 159th Street, just west of the collision scene.  The second photo is of a white or silver late model coupe, which was traveling west on NE 159th Street, then turned around and drove back to the collision scene.

Detective Patrick Spak would like to hear from the occupants of the pictured vehicles as to what they witnessed. Detective Spak can be reached at 564-397-4597.

Motorcyclists critically injured in two separate Sunday collisions *DATE CORRECTION* - 07/20/21


Apologies, the below release reflects the correct date.  Special thanks to Sgt Waddell.


On 7/18/2021 at 3:32pm CCSO Deputies and EMS Personnel responded to a collision on NE 10th Avenue and NE 189th Street in Ridgefield.  Callers to 911 reported that a motorcycle and a vehicle had collided at the intersection.  CCSO Traffic Detective Patrick Spak was working and responded to the call with other CCSO deputies. 

Upon arrival, it was determined that the driver of the involved vehicle, a 2003 Subaru Forester, made a left turn onto NE 189th Street directly in the path of a southbound motorcycle, causing the motorcycle to collide with the vehicle.  The motorcyclist suffered significant injuries and was transported to an area hospital.

Scene evidence and helpful video footage from a witness assisted in determining that the driver of the Subaru Forester failed to yield to the motorcyclist when turning left. 

The driver of the Subaru was identified as Jeremiah Cunningham, age 35 of Woodland.  The driver of the motorcycle, a 1996 Suzuki D6E, was identified as Michael Schefter, age 67 of Portland, OR. 

Cunningham was cooperative with the law enforcement investigation and did not exhibit signs of impairment.  No arrests have been made at this point; however, the investigation is continuing.


Also On 7/18/2021 at 10:00pm CCSO Deputies and EMS Personnel responded to Hockinson Meadows County Park, 10905 NE 172nd Avenue in Hockinson.   The 911 caller reported a collision in a parking lot of the park involving a motorcycle and a vehicle. 

Upon arrival, deputies learned that a group of young adults had been congregating in the park, and one of the females in the group had asked to drive a male friendís motorcycle,   The female reportedly got onto the motorcycle and accelerated rapidly through the parking lot, striking a parked car.  The female, who was not wearing a helmet, was ejected from the motorcycle and suffered multiple significant injuries.  Yekaterina Andriuschenko, age 20 of Vancouver was transported to an area hospital.  The CCSO Traffic Unit responded to the collision and is continuing to investigate this incident.  Andriuschenko is a resident of Vancouver.


Clark County Sheriff's Office seeks publics assistance in locating a missing/endangered male. (Photo) - 07/18/21


Today the Clark County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Team utilized 30 volunteers to search the area around Valdimir’s home in Hockinson.  Those volunteers searched the area and spoke with neighbors, looking for possible video footage of Valdimir walking in the area.  The team also used a search dog as well as drones to search the area.  Currently there are no new leads. 

A reverse 911 call will go out to approximately 400 homes in the area.

In addition to the original description given of Valdimir we would like the public to know that he is wearing Danner work boots and routinely talks into his hand as if it’s a microphone.    

Two more recent photos of Valdimir are attached to this release. 




The Clark County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the publics assistance is locating a missing and endangered subject from the Hockinson area. 

Valdimir Dubrovsky-Griswold (DOB 2-13-99) left his house at approximately 3:50pm this afternoon and has not been seen or heard from since.  Valdimir is a 22 year old male who is on the Autistic Spectrum and functions at a 12 year old level. 

Valdimir has not done anything like this before. 

He is described as:


-5’ 10”


-Light brown hair (in a ponytail)

-Brown eyes

-Wearing a blue long sleeve shirt with blue jeans


A photo of Valdimir is attached. 

Residents in the Hockinson area are asked to check their property, outbuildings and any water features that may be on their property (people on the spectrum are often drawn to water).

Anyone with information is asked to call 911. 

CCSO Case #21-5804

Press release prepared by,

Sgt. Tim Bieber

Sheriff Atkins' Response to Settlement of ADA Complaint - 07/15/21

A former inmate of the Jail filed an ADA complaint with the Department of Justice relating to the way her hearing disability was handled during her brief stay at the Jail. Upon being notified of the complaint, I (Sheriff Atkins) directed staff to participate fully and completely in assisting the DOJ in their inquiry. At the same time, I ordered an internal review of the matter. The command staff at the Jail recognized, as did the Department of Justice that despite having acquired specialized equipment and implementing procedures to better communicate with the deaf, that this was an instance of a breakdown in those efforts.

At the conclusion of their investigation, the Department of Justice invited the Sheriff’s Office to participate in a voluntary settlement agreement that the DOJ believed would remedy their concerns in the matter. We agreed to enter into that agreement, and we intend to consistently demonstrate our values by providing equal access to services for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.  

-Sheriff Chuck Atkins, Clark County, Washington

Sheriff Atkins' Response to Prosecuting Attorney's Review of Officer Involved Shooting - 07/13/21

Prosecuting Attorney Tony Golik contacted me with the review and conclusions of the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (WAPA,) and his office, that the officer involved shooting incident with Deputy Sean Boyle on February 4, 2021 has been determined to have been a lawful use of deadly force.


Incidents such as this are very difficult on everyone. My thoughts continue to be with the family impacted by the loss of a loved one in this tragic event.


I fully support ongoing efforts to improve transparency and accountability with law enforcement. The investigation of this incident was conducted independent of my office and personnel. WAPA’s creation of a team of individual prosecuting attorneys from around the state to review this incident furthers the goals of improved transparency and increased accountability. We will strive to learn all that we can from this incident and work at constant improvement. I appreciate the hard work of the investigators, WAPA, and Mr. Golik’s Office in this matter.


I furthermore appreciate the hard work of each of the men and women deputies of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, who continue to do their work of striving for the best of public safety under increasingly difficult and dangerous circumstances.


I had previously indicated my availability to discuss this matter further once the Prosecuting Attorney’s review was completed. I have since been notified of an intent to file a lawsuit involving this matter, WAPA’s conclusion notwithstanding, and I will have no further comment on the matter accordingly.

-Clark County Sheriff Chuck Atkins

Collision in Hockinson, Driver arrested. - 07/12/21

On 7/11/2021 at 10:08pm, Clark County Fire District 3 personnel and CCSO deputies were dispatched to a two-vehicle collision in the 17200 block of NE 159th Street.  Upon arrival, EMS personnel located both drivers of the involved vehicles.  The driver of the first vehicle, a silver 2009 Chevrolet HHR, did not appear to be suffering serious injury and was found walking around at the scene.  The driver of the second car, a 1995 Toyota Camry, was inside the vehicle, which was on its top in the roadway.  The driver of the Camry was unresponsive and was extricated by EMS personnel.  Both drivers were transported to an area hospital.

The CCSO Traffic Unit was called to the scene to investigate.  Scene evidence and vehicle positioning revealed to detectives that the Camry had made a right (eastbound) turn onto NE 159th Street from NE 172nd Avenue.  The HHR had been traveling east on NE 159th Street and collided with the rear of the Camry at significant speed.  The resulting collision caused both vehicles to leave the roadway, and the Camry to roll, coming to rest on its top in the middle of the roadway.

The driver of the HHR was identified as Jaxon L. Jondahl, age 20 of Battle Ground.  The driver of the Camry was identified as Nicholas A.W. Crown, age 35 of Hockinson.

Due to the seriousness of Crown’s injuries, Jondahl was arrested at the hospital and booked into the CCSO Jail for one count of Vehicular Assault, with additional misdemeanor charges referred.  Preliminarily, the proximate cause of the collision appears to be excessive speed (the posted speed limit on this portion of roadway is posted at 35 Mph) and impairment on the part of Jondahl.  The collision remains under investigation.  NE 159th Street was closed in the area of the collision for several hours, re-opening a little after 4:00am.


Jail Inmate Escapes, is Recaptured - 07/09/21

On 7/9/2021 at 0727 hours, an alert deputy sheriff was driving near 11th and Daniels in the Cith of Vancouver, near the Clark County Jail.  He observed a subject clad in Jail attire running away from the facility.  The deputy pursued the subject, and lost sight of him.  A massive search was launched for the subject, who was identified as Skylar Santillan, age 35. 

Santillan was located a about a mile and a half northeast of the Jail at around11am and taken into custody.

It was learned that Santillan was listed as a Trustee in the Jail, meaning he had earned more freedom inside the Jail.  Santillan was awaiting transport to the State Prison in Shelton, where he was going to spend more time for violating the terms of his probation.  Santillan was re-booked into the Jail for two additional counts of felony Escape. 

Santillan's Trustee privilege has been revoked, not likely to be re-instated.  

The circumstances that led to Santillan's escape are currently under investigation.

Clark County Sheriff's Deputies respond to Homicide in Unincorporated Battleground - 07/09/21

UPDATED INFORMATION, 7/9/2021 1030am

This press release contains updated information regarding the homicide that occurred last night in Battle Ground.

At the time indicated, deputies were dispatched to 20312 NE 176th Avenue, for a welfare check.  The 911 caller stated that an unknown and unwanted male was at the front door of the residence demanding entry.  The unwanted male was emotionally distraught.  The 911 caller also indicated that the unwanted male had gotten past a locked driveway gate and was trespassing.  

The homeowner answered the door armed with a handgun and attempted to speak to the unwanted male, who attempted to push his way past the homeowner and gain entry to the house.  The homeowner was able to calm the agitated male enough so that they could have a conversation on the front porch of the residence.  The remaining residents of the house hid in a back bedroom while remaining on the phone with 911.  According to the 911 caller, the unwanted male was telling the homeowner to shoot him, and that if he did not shoot him, the male would "go after" or "hurt" the homeowner's wife.

After several minutes of the homeowner trying to deescalate the unwanted male, the male assaulted the homeowner and was shot by the homeowner.  The male died at the scene.

The homeowner and residents have been cooperative with the detectives' investigation.  No arrests have been made in this case, and the investigation is ongoing.  The name of the deceased male will likely be released by the Medical Examiner's Office once proper next of kin notification has been made.  The name of the homeowner has not yet been released.


7/9/2021 1:00 AM

On 7/8/2021 at approximately 9:46 PM, Clark County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a 911 call of a welfare check on an unwanted person at a residence in the area of NE 176th Ave and NE 202nd St.

During the incident between the unwanted person and the homeowner, a firearm was discharged resulting in the death of an adult male. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit and Tactical Detective Unit are on scene, and this is an active investigation.

There is no danger to the public and there are no outstanding suspects. There is no additional information at this time due to the ongoing nature of the investigation.

Prepared by Sgt. Jason Granneman CCSO Major Crimes


Clark County Sheriff's Deputies respond to Homicide in Hazel Dell (Updated Information) - 07/08/21

*Updated information, 7/8/2021 11:55 am*

On 7/7/2021 at approximately 6:15 PM the Clark County Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of regional law enforcement partners, located and detained three persons of interest in relation to a homicide which occurred at 620 NW 82nd Street on 7/6/2021. A search warrant was served by the Southwest Regional SWAT Team at 1728 SE 6th Ave in Camas, WA.

Occupants of the residence cooperated with the warrant service and were detained and interviewed by Clark County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes detectives. Based on the ongoing investigation, an adult male identified as Justin N. Romero age 31, was arrested for RCW 9A.32.050, Murder Second Degree. Romero was booked into the Clark County Jail. There are no other outstanding suspects and this case is an ongoing investigation.  

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office appreciates the cooperation of the public and the regional partner agencies. No additional information will be released at this time due to the ongoing nature of the investigation.

Prepared by Sgt. Jason Granneman CCSO Major Crimes.



CCSO Major Crimes detectives continue to investigate a homicide in Hazel Dell.  At this time, detectives have no reason to believe that there is an imminent threat to the public.  Due to the nature of the investigation, additional details involving the case will not be released at this time.



On 07/06/21 at approx. 2:20 pm, Clark County deputies responded to 620 NW 82nd street on the report of possible gunfire. During a safety search of the residence, a person was located, deceased.  Clark County major crimes was contacted and will be conducting the investigation. 


No further information at this time. 


The Southwest Regional Independent Investigation Team (SWRIIT) in compliance with Washington State law I-940 has been issuing weekly updates. The investigation has been completed and forwarded to the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office for review of the officer’s use of Force. Vencine Hadley has been booked on charges for Assault II, Possession of a Stolen Firearm, and Felony Eluding. There will be no further I-940 mandated press releases regarding this incident.



Clark County Hiring Event - 07/05/21

The Clark County Sheriff's Office is hosting an informative hiring event on July 28, 2021 at the Clark County Event Center (17402 NE Delfel Road, Ridgefield, WA, 98642).  The event takes place from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  The public is welcome to come view some of our specialty equipment, and speak with deputies, detectives, custody officers, and support staff about what makes our business different from others.  The event will have equipment from the following units:

Corrections transport unit

Marine unit

Traffic unit

 Major crimes unit

SWAT unit

Unmanned aircraft unit

K9 unit. 


The Clark County Sheriff's Office is currently seeking those wishing to work in the support branch, enforcement branch, corrections branch and young adults looking for employment as a cadet.


With competitive pay and benefits, we have multiple employment opportunities and career paths for those wishing to make a difference in their community.  Those with questions or wishing to learn more can contact our recruiters at



Attempted Kidnapping - 07/02/21

On 7-2-21 at approximately 4:30 PM a lone female was walking the trails in Lacamas Regional Park near Round Lake.    The victim was distracted by a male calling to her.  When she stopped, the suspect approached, grabbed her, assaulter her, and attempted to move her off the main trail. 

The victim fought off the attacker and was able to flee and call 911.  The suspect fled in the opposite direction.  The female was not physically injured. 

The suspect is described as a white male, early 20’s , small, slight build, brown shaggy hair, light sparse facial hair.  Last seen wearing grey shorts, dark colored hooded sweatshirt, and all black Nike “skater-type” shoes.

The Lacamas Regional park is a 312-acre park which extends through portions of the city of Camas (Camas PD jurisdiction) and areas of unincorporated Clark County (Clark County Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction).  A map of the park is attached. 

Although it was eventually determined the crime occurred in CCSO’s jurisdiction, the Camas Police Department had obtained all the necessary information and will document it under their case number as a courtesy to CCSO. 

Anyone with any information on this incident is asked to contact the Clark County Sheriff’s Office or the Camas Police Department. 

CPD Case #21-621

CAD # 21241825

Release by, 

Sgt. Tim Bieber (CCSO)

Attached Media Files: Lacamas trail map

The Southwest Regional Independent Investigation Team (SWRIIT) in compliance with Washington State lawI-940 will be issuing weekly updates. The investigation is ongoing and is expected to be forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office within the next few weeks.



No further information at this time.

Vehicle into pole1
Vehicle into pole1
Vehicle collision in Hazel Dell starts power pole on fire - 06/29/21

On 06/28/2021, at approximately 10:22PM, deputies responded to a report of a vehicle collision at the 8200 block of NE Highway 99 in Hazel Dell.  A small sedan had collided with a utility pole.  The vehicle and utility pole caught fire, which started a display of sparks and flashes that could be seen from a mile away.  Occupants managed to exit the vehicle and no injuries were reported.  The fire could not immediately be extinguished due to the active power lines.  Once the power was cut off by Clark PUD, the fire department was able to address the flames.  It appears the collision stemmed from a physical altercation that started at a nearby apartment complex.  The incident is still under investigation. 

Attached Media Files: Vehicle into pole1 , Vehicle into pole2
Deputies respond to Domestic Violence Incident - 06/24/21

On 06/24/2021 at about 1625 hours Clark County Sheriff’s Office Central Precinct deputies responded to a reported family disturbance near NE 162nd Ave and NE Poplar Dr.  One family member was armed with a shotgun threatening to kill the family.  A struggle ensued and the firearm was taken away from the suspect.


Upon arrival of deputies the suspect emerged and was non-compliant telling deputies “just shoot me.”  At one point the suspect turned and ran back to the house and attempted to force open the front door.  Deputies gave chase and the suspect turned armed with a sharp metal object raised and began moving toward the deputies who were mere feet away at this point.  Deputies deployed a Taser and took the suspect into custody without further incident.


The investigation revealed the suspect pointed the shotgun at the victim and made death threats to the family as well as suicidal statements.  The suspect assaulted other family members as well.  The suspect was booked at the Clark County Jail on several felony domestic violence charges and attempted felony assaults against the deputies. 


Prepared by: Sgt. Brian Ellithorpe, 360-907-5992


Clark County Sheriff Atkins' response to the Tort Claim of Jenoah Donald's Family - 06/24/21


"The death of Jenoah Donald is tragic.  As per the new state law from I-940, the investigation into this incident has been handled by an outside agency and the Clark County Sheriff’s Office has had no role in the investigation. The investigation has been forwarded for the Prosecting Attorney's review and we are awaiting the conclusion of that step in the process. We also await receipt of the Tort Claim, to evaluate it in more detail. We will have no further comment on the matter pending completion of the Prosecutor’s review.

My condolences are with the family and loved ones of Jenoah Donald."

Sheriff Chuck Atkins