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Jordan Cove provides responses to DSL, public input - 05/13/19

SALEM, Ore. – Jordan Cove LNG on May 9 provided over 1,600 pages of response to questions and comments from the Oregon Department of State Lands and the public. The response comes at the request of DSL for more information as it considers a removal-fill permit for the Jordan Cove LNG project in Coos Bay.

The Jordan Cove responses are part of the final technical review step, which includes time for the applicant to address relevant comments and unresolved technical issues. These may be addressed by the applicant in written response, through project revisions, providing additional information, or other action as appropriate. All comments were provided to the applicant for response.

“The next step is making sure substantive issues raised by the public are adequately addressed so we can make an informed decision based on the public record in its entirety,” said Bob Lobdell, DSL Aquatic Resources Coordinator. “We are making sure we have enough information to make sound decisions and factual determinations. It will take a little time for us to review the material for completeness and determine if further information is necessary.”

The agency has until September 20 to approve, deny, or extend the application period for Jordan Cove. DSL evaluates the entire application record against the criteria for permit issuance and makes a decision to either approve or deny the permit application.

Link to Jordan Cove’s May 9 response on the DSL web site: https://www.oregon.gov/dsl/WW/Pages/jordancove.aspx.

Oregon laws and rules assign DSL responsibility for overseeing the removal-fill permitting process, and for making permit decisions. An overview of the state’s removal-fill jurisdiction and the Department’s role is here: https://www.oregon.gov/dsl/WW/Documents/JordanCoveEnergyProjectApplicationMemoJune-11-2018-DSL.pdf

DSL announces temporary use restrictions on banks, islands of Willamette River in Eugene city limits - 05/06/19

SALEM, Ore. -- The Oregon Department of State Lands today announced the temporary closure of banks and islands of the Willamette River within the city limits of Eugene to overnight use and camping. Beginning May 15, no activity is permitted on those lands between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. Camping and fires are prohibited at all times.

The restrictions are intended to protect against natural resource and property loss/damage, degradation of water quality and loss/damage to riparian vegetation and wildlife habitat.

Permanent restrictions will be the subject of a public rulemaking process this summer and fall, which will culminate in consideration of permanent rules by the State Land Board at the end of the year.

Since July 2018, the Department has monitored illegal and nuisance activities on these state-owned lands with the assistance of Eugene Parks Division staff, the Eugene Police Department and the Oregon State Police. Documented activities include:

  • Littering and dumping
  • Reckless burning and open fires
  • Damage to riparian vegetation and wildlife habitat
  • Damage to property.

A Rulemaking Advisory Committee appointed by the Department will begin meeting in June. Public comment will be taken in the fall on draft permanent rules developed by the committee. More information on the rulemaking process will be available in June at: https://www.oregon.gov/dsl/Laws/Pages/Rulemaking.aspx

State seeking comments on proposed rules to help return lost military medals, U.S. savings bonds - 05/01/19

SALEM, Ore. – Claiming lost military medals and U.S. savings bonds would become easier for military members, bond owners, and their descendants under new rules proposed by the state.

The Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) is seeking comment on proposed administrative rules that would:

  • Ensure military medals held by the state’s Unclaimed Property Program are kept safe and returned to the service member, their descendants, or appropriate custodians such as veterans’ organizations. Military medals and other military articles may come to the state as unclaimed property, for example when a safe deposit box is abandoned. The proposed rules create a website to make it easy for service members or descendants to identify and recover medals and other military articles, and establish the processes and criteria needed to ensure return of items.
  • Ensure U.S. savings bonds and bond proceeds are held safely for rightful owners and easy to claim. The proposed rules create a website for the public to search and claim U.S. savings bonds, identify strategies to locate owners and conduct public outreach, and establish related processes.

The proposed rules are available for review on the DSL rulemaking website.

A meeting to hear public comment on the proposed rules will be held:

Tuesday, May 21
5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Oregon Department of State Lands, Land Board Room
775 Summer St. NE
Salem, Ore. 97301

Written comments will be accepted until 5 p.m. on May 31, 2019. Comments must be received by this time and date to be considered. Written comments may be submitted online, by email to ules@dsl.state.or.us">rules@dsl.state.or.us or by mail to DSL Rules Coordinator, 775 Summer Street NE, Suite 100, Salem, Oregon 97301.

DSL developed the draft rules with the guidance of rulemaking advisory committees that included representatives from veterans’ organizations and financial institutions, as well state agencies. The advisory committee rosters and additional information are available on the DSL rulemaking website.

Open house offers look at Elliott State Forest's past, potential future - 04/29/19

SALEM, Ore. –  A May 7 open house will offer a look at the history of the Elliott State Forest – and what’s ahead as the State of Oregon and Oregon State University begin exploring the Elliott’s potential as a research forest. 

The event is an opportunity to learn about the forest and its history, what led to exploration of a potential research forest, and the upcoming planning process. Representatives from the Oregon Department of State Lands and the Oregon State University College of Forestry will be on hand to provide information and answer questions.

Elliott State Forest Open House
Tuesday, May 7
5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Oregon Department of State Lands Atrium
775 Summer St. NE, Salem  

The open house is the first of multiple public events that will be held as the planning process continues. Stay up-to-date by signing up for the project mailing list at: https://www.oregon.gov/dsl/Land/Pages/Elliott.aspx

Background: Exploring an Elliott State Research Forest
The State Land Board in December directed the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) to work with Oregon State University (OSU) on a plan to transform the Elliott into a research forest. The planning process will examine what a world-class research program on the Elliott could look like, what it will take to realize that vision, and how the forest can be managed for that purpose while also protecting benefits such as recreation and conservation and generating revenue to be self-supporting.

Any plan needs to meet OSU’s program and financial requirements and also deliver on the Land Board’s vision for the future of the Elliott: that the forest remains publicly owned; the forest is decoupled from the Common School Fund and the fund is compensated for the value of the forest; and habitat conservation planning protects species while also allowing for timber harvest.