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Oregon Supportive Housing Institute unveils nine projects to develop tenant-centered, high-quality supportive housing - 09/13/23

SALEM, OR - Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) and Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) announced nine innovative projects that emerged from the fourth Oregon Supportive Housing Institute (SHI). A CSH initiative, the SHI is designed to increase the pipeline and supply of quality affordable housing paired with comprehensive support services. 

The nine project teams from across the state met over five months for intensive training and technical assistance to develop permanent supportive housing (PSH) projects. Permanent supportive housing is a national model that effectively serves individuals and families experiencing long-term homelessness. By providing on-site, individualized services, PSH leads to cost savings in public systems, particularly within healthcare and justice systems, and long-term housing stability for vulnerable households.

The projects coming out of this year’s SHI is such a recognition that none of us do big things by ourselves,” said OHCS Director Andrea Bell. “Each of you doing the work individually and collectively model for the nation what is possible when we work together to serve our beloved communities.” 

The 2023 Oregon SHI projects focus on developing high-quality homes for households experiencing long-term homelessness. Some projects are specifically designed for seniors, Veterans, people living with mental illness, Latino/a/x communities, Tribal members, immigrants, and refugees. Also, there are several projects serving rural communities throughout the state. 

As Rae Trotta, CSH Senior Program Manager said to the project teams today, “Supportive housing is a true commitment among yourselves and your community.” 

After the launch of the SHI in 2019, PSH expertise and developer capacity greatly expanded and has led to a significant increase in PSH development across Oregon. Thirty-six teams have graduated from the SHI since 2019, resulting in 657 new PSH homes approved for funding by the Oregon Housing Stability Council. 

Projects coming out of this year’s institute include: 

Portland, OR
  • Related NW
  • Quantum Residential
  • Impact NW
Portland, OR 
  • Cascadia Behavioral Health
Gresham, OR
  • North West Equity Group
  • Veterans Village Malheur County
  • Community in Action
  • Housing Authority Ontario
Ontario, OR
  • Central City Concern
Portland, OR 
  • DCM Communities
  • North Bend Housing Authority
  • Coos Health and Wellness
  • Cascade Management
  • Devereux Center
North Bend, OR
  • Centro Cultural
Beaverton, OR
  • Bienestar
  • Northwest Real Estate Capital Corp.
Hillsboro, OR
  • Mid-Columbia Community Action Council
  • Mid-Columbia Center for Living
  • Cascade Housing Corp./Housing Authority
The Dalles, OR 

“OHCS is an incredible partner to CSH and the people of Oregon. Their commitment to increasing the supply of affordable and supportive housing across the state has helped so many individuals and families achieve stability and thrive in their communities," said CSH President and CEO, Deborah De Santis.

About Oregon Supportive Housing Institute
The Oregon Supportive Housing Institute (SHI) is a signature initiative of Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) in collaboration with and support from Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS). Since its start in the state, 36 teams have participated in the Oregon SHI that has resulted in 657 new permanent supportive housing units. The Oregon SHI has had diverse statewide representation from every region in Oregon.

About Oregon Housing and Community Services
Oregon Housing and Community Services provides resources for Oregonians to reduce poverty and increase access to stable housing. Our intentional focus on housing and community services allows the agency to serve Oregonians across the housing continuum, including preventing homelessness, providing housing stability supports, financing the building and preservation of affordable housing, and encouraging homeownership.

About Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH)
Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) is a national nonprofit intermediary for housing developers, service providers, local and state agencies, funders, and policymakers, demonstrating the potential for supportive housing to improve the lives of very vulnerable individuals and families. CSH has advanced a pipeline of more than 425,000 real homes for people who desperately need them. CSH engages broader systems to fully invest in solutions that build a just and equitable world in which people have a safe and affordable home, a community in which they feel belonging, and the services and wealth they need to sustain it. Visit us at www.csh.org

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State helps keep over 2,200 homes affordable to Oregonians and publishes new Preservation Framework report - 09/05/23

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) has approved more than $167 million of investments since the beginning of 2023 to keep 2,283 homes affordable for 60 more years rather than risk rents increasing to market rate. These homes mainly consist of apartment units and manufactured houses. 

“Preserving existing affordable housing is an exercise of sustainability. Affordable housing preservation is a critical supplement to Oregon’s affordable housing production needs, to which local partners are vital in successful preservation efforts. These strategies must be flexible in evolving to be reflective of community needs,” says OHCS Director Andrea Bell. 

Preserving affordable housing refers to the efforts at maintaining housing that is affordable for individuals and families with lower incomes. When affordable housing is built, the state and owner enter into a regulatory agreement that establishes how long that housing is to remain affordable. This initial period of affordability, where rents are lower than in the open market, is ordinarily 30-60 years in Oregon. 

As affordable housing complexes start to reach the end of their required regulatory affordability period, OHCS and its partners work to retain the affordable restrictions for these homes. Addressing this issue is important as affordable housing plays a critical role in promoting social and economic stability within communities and for each property resident.

These awards are administered through several preservation funding programs leveraging state and federal funds. As detailed in the list below, preservation funding is needed throughout the state, from big cities to small towns and rural communities. 


Number of homes


Preservation funds 

Gretchen Kafoury



$4.5 million

Peter Paulson



$2.9 million

Sequoia Square



$2.2 million

Schiller Way




The Bluffs



$3.4 million

Valley Pines



$4.2 million 

Rose Villa 



$3.2 million

Filbert Grove Cooperative



$8 million

Cedar Glen Estates Cooperative



$4 million

Belleau Woods



$9 million

Anderson Vista



$2.5 million

Pioneer Park Residents



$8.1 million 




$25 million

Milepost 5



$3.3 million

Clara Vista Redevelopment



$9.4 million

Cypress Hills


Cascade Locks, Reedsport, The Dalles

$6 million



Gold Beach, Port Orford

$7.3 million 

The Clifford



$9.4 million

Birch Tree Cooperative



$1.8 million

Royal Oaks Mobile Manor



$11.4 million 

Peaceful Villa



$8.8 million 

Orchard Park 



$23 million 

Champion  Park130Tillamook$4.6 million
Gateway Commons138Hillsboro$4.8 million

As OHCS looks toward this work in the future, the agency has published a new Preservation Framework report. Informed by partners throughout the state, this framework outlines the agency’s preservation strategy, priorities, and goals. 

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