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One of the 12 messages for the #StartingNow campaign
One of the 12 messages for the #StartingNow campaign
StartingNow -- New Year's Resolutions With Heart (Photo) - 12/29/17

The tradition of making new year's resolutions is upon us. We all make them. And most of us break them. This year, The Joy Team, Positive Propaganda Pdx, and Kristian Strang are launching a campaign with a different way of looking at New Year's resolutions. Rather than promises you may or may not keep, like going to the gym every day or eating more veggies, their #StartingNow campaign aims more for the heart than the head.

Starting January 1, twelve billboards will pop up around the Portland metro area with messages affirming our ability to create the life experiences we want on a deeper level. The messages are:
* Starting now. I will love myself more.
* Starting now. I will follow my heart.
* Starting now. I will stop living in fear.
* Starting now. I will take more deep breaths.
* Starting now. I will be grateful for each day.
* Starting now. I will smile more.
* Starting now. I will take myself less seriously.
* Starting now. I will enjoy the journey.
* Starting now. I will listen to the quiet voice within.
* Starting now. I will make my life about love.
* Starting now. I will dance. In the rain. On a rooftop. In joy.
* Starting now. I will nurture my tender heart.

They all end with the same question: What will you do? #StartingNow While 10 of the billboards will pop-up in surprise locations, two of them will come up in the first week of January at these two locations:
* N Denver, 0.16 mi North of Columbia Blvd on the West side, facing North
* NE 102nd Av, 50 ft North of Wygant St on the East side, facing South

The campaign encourages people to write their own affirmation--on a piece of paper, a chalkboard, in the sand--and seal the intention by sharing it on social media with the hashtag #StartingNow

"We want to remind people that no matter what happened yesterday, starting now, life can be profoundly different," said Michele McKeag Larsen, founder of The Joy Team. "At the deepest level, we all want the same things: to be happy, to love and be loved, and have a meaningful life."

More information about #StartingNow can be found at Images of the 12 messages can be downloaded at

About The Joy Team
Founded in February 2010, The Joy Team is a 501c3 corporation based in Vancouver, Washington, with the mission of building community by spreading joy, optimism and inspiration. Projects of the positive thought organization include putting up 1,479 (and counting) positive messages on billboards, delivering over 2,450 Happy Packets to the staff of organizations serving the community through The Junior Joy Team, giving over 4,400 jars of joy-wrapped peanut butter to hungry kids through the PB & JOY Project and the annual international Chalk the Walks event. Learn more at, like them on or follow them on Twitter @TheJoyTeam or Instagram