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Dr. Richard Jamison, President, The Oregon Clinic
Dr. Richard Jamison, President, The Oregon Clinic
Dr.  Richard Jamison Becomes 3rd President of The Oregon Clinic (Photo) - 01/18/19

Jamison takes the helm as The Oregon Clinic celebrates its 25th anniversary

Portland, OR – January 18, 2019 — Dr. Richard Jamison began the year as the newest President of The Oregon Clinic, following the retirement of Dr. Craig Fausel. The Oregon Clinic has been a physician-run, physician-owned practice since it was founded in 1994. Dr. Jamison was elected as the next president at the March 2018 shareholders meeting and has served as President Elect for the past several months leading up to the start of his official term.  

Dr. Jamison, a general surgeon, has been with The Oregon Clinic since 2008. He has served for the past 6 years on the Executive Committee. Dr. Jamison, a graduate of Stanford University and Mayo Medical School, is a board-certified general surgeon specializing in minimally invasive and endocrine surgery. He is also a leader in non-invasive treatment of venous insufficiency and varicose veins. He has previously served as Chair of the Department of Surgery at Providence Portland Medical Center (PPMC) from 2012-2014 and has been voted as one of Portland Monthly Magazine’s “Top Doctors” in the region numerous times. He is a clinical professor at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a member of the Western Surgical Association and The American Association of Endocrine Surgeons.

“Dr. Jamison has been a well-respected leader at The Oregon Clinic for many years now, which has made this transition pretty seamless,” says Scot Gudger, CEO of The Oregon Clinic. “Dr. Fausel has been an extraordinary driving force of the continuing success of The Oregon Clinic, and we wish him the very best in his well-earned retirement.”

Dr. Craig Fausel has retired after 34 years practicing gastroenterology and 11 remarkable years of service as President of The Oregon Clinic. During his tenure, The Oregon Clinic has grown dramatically, adding 17 new specialty groups, more than doubling the number of staff, and serving thousands more patients each year. Under Dr. Fausel’s leadership, The Oregon Clinic also became a Benefit Company, solidifying its intentional commitment to community service. He will be remembered for his calm, dignified leadership; his tenacity to push The Oregon Clinic to constantly find ways to improve and grow; and the caring compassion he showed patients and colleagues.

The Oregon Clinic’s unique structure prioritizes physician autonomy to manage their practices to fit their goals, while keeping leadership and decision making in the hands of physicians.  Employing skilled professional management to maximize resources and shared resources like IT, human resources and marketing enables independent practitioners to focus on their individual priorities, whether it be research, extended time with patients, new equipment or other focuses. The Oregon Clinic’s Board of Directors, consisting of shareholder physicians who represent different specialties and the Executive Committee, manages clinic-wide business decisions, admitting shareholders and new practices, approving the annual budget, health plan contracting, hospital and PCP relationships, and insurance purchasing. Board members are elected at the Annual Meeting and serve two-year terms.


About The Oregon Clinic: 

The Oregon Clinic is the largest private multispecialty physician practice in Oregon. More than 200 providers provide respectful, compassionate care in more than 30 specialty areas, resulting in more than 500,000 patient visits each year. Founded in Portland in 1994, The Oregon Clinic is committed to delivering the highest quality patient care, practicing evidence-based medicine, and providing leadership for the healthcare community. We collaborate with primary care physicians and use a team approach to address health conditions at 60 specialty clinic locations across northwest Oregon and southwest Washington. Call 503-935-8000 or visit for more information.

Local dietician: instead of quick tips, start cooking! - 01/02/19

Local dietician Alyssa O'Briend knows - ‘tis the season for the internet to explode with healthy eating tips. Dietitians often get asked about the best ways to start eating healthy or lose weight, but losing weight and sustaining weight loss is much more complex than a narrow list of do’s and don’ts. It comes down to healthy eating habits – which are NOT seasonal. 

Cooking more meals at home is associated with greater likelihood of maintaining your ideal weight, and the new year is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby. For your health, make cooking your new hobby this year!

To overcome typical barriers people name, Dietician Alyssa O’Brien offers guidance to stay happy, healthy, and well-fed this year – starting in your kitchen: 

But I don’t have time to cook! 

  1. Make it fun: Pair something you love and will look forward to with cooking tasks. For example, listen to your favorite podcast, watch your favorite TV series, or get family or friends involved in a Sunday cook-off. 
  2. Classes: Gift yourself knife skills or a hands-on cooking classes so you can be faster and more efficient in the kitchen.  
  3. Cook smart: Plan for leftovers every time you cook. An extra Sunday pot roast can turn into a week of meals: shredded beef taco bowls, BBQ beef with cabbage salad, beef stir fry, or loaded beef and broccoli sweet potatoes.

I’d love to eat healthy, but I crave all the wrong things!

  1. Stop skipping meals: Everyone knows not to grocery shop hungry. Apply the same strategy every day! Sometimes you must eat more to lose weight. Restricting calories, skipping meals, or waiting too long to eat can seriously backfire. It’s a setup for carb cravings and overeating. 
  2. Schedule it: set time for meal prep and meals on your calendar – we tend to schedule everything else that’s important…why not food?
  3. Increase protein: Keep a steady supply of protein at your meals, starting at breakfast. If today you only have coffee for breakfast, start the habit of a homemade protein packed breakfast tomorrow. It will be the best thing you do for yourself this year and beyond. 


Let me know if I can connect you with Alyssa for an interview! Please note that as an active dietician, interviews will need to be scheduled between existing patient appointments.