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News Releases
Man Sentenced to 90 Months in Prison for Armed Robbery (Photo) - 01/17/19

HILLSBORO, Ore.- On January 16, 2019, a Washington County jury found Robert David Duke guilty of Robbery in the First Degree and Robbery in the Second Degree. He was sentenced to 90 months in prison for this Measure 11 crime. The trial began January 15, 2019 in Judge Oscar Garcia’s courtroom. Senior Deputy District Attorney Bracken McKey prosecuted the case against Duke.

Duke committed an armed robbery at a Beaverton consignment shop on October 28, 2018. He held a female employee at gunpoint and stole cash and jewelry. That jewelry had an estimated retail value of $250,000. The employee was not physically hurt during the robbery.

Duke was arrested just a few hours after the robbery, thanks to officer Loren Andler of the Beaverton Police Department. Andler and his training recruit, Daniela Pamfilie, were among the first officers to respond to the call. After the initial search for the suspects came up empty, Andler used his knowledge of the area to determine the best place to hide the getaway car. As he and Pamfilie were scouting that location, Duke emerged from a nearby walking trail and was arrested without incident.

Detective Chad Opitz of the Beaverton Police Department soon took over the investigation. Through digital forensics conducted on several phones involved in the case, he and his team were able to determine the suspects had been planning this robbery for some time. That evidence, along with jailhouse recordings and body-worn camera footage, were instrumental in the trial against Duke.

Detectives were also able to recover all the stolen items and returned them to the store’s owner. They were tipped off as to the location of the stolen jewelry thanks to a jailhouse call Duke made. All calls made from the Washington County Jail are recorded. Detectives reviewed a call between Duke and a female acquaintance in which he cryptically tried to tell her where she could find the stolen goods. Officers got there first and retrieved the items before the woman could. When she arrived a short time later, officers seized her phone and used data found on it to piece together the remaining details of the robbery.

Beaverton Police are searching for Jason Patton, an associate of Robert Duke. Anyone with information on his whereabouts should call law enforcement immediately.

Sex Offender Sentenced to 450 Months in Prison - 01/11/19

HILLSBORO, Ore.- On January 11, 2019, Nicky Lane Nolen was sentenced to 450 months in prison by Judge Oscar Garcia for child sex abuse.  Nolen was convicted of Sodomy in the First Degree and eight counts of Sexual Abuse in the First Degree following a jury trial on October 5, 2018. 

The case involved the defendant’s close family member.  The abuse occurred for several weeks while the child lived with the defendant.  The child gathered the courage to tell her father who reported the defendant to police.  The case was investigated by Detective Mark Povolny from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Allison Brown.

The trial lasted four days in front of Judge Garcia.  In addition to the victim’s testimony, the jury also heard evidence that the defendant was previously convicted of sexually abusing another close family member.  Ultimately, the jury unanimously convicted the defendant of nine of the 10 charges after deliberating for several hours. 

In her sentencing memorandum, Brown recommended that the Court impose a lengthy prison sentence.  She also urged the Court to factor in the child’s vulnerability and impact the events will have on her for the rest of her life. 

“The testimony of the child in trial was gut-wrenching,” Brown said.  “Her emotion was palpable.  She cried and sobbed into her stuffed animal.  Her fear was equally apparent as she turned away and hid her face from the defendant.  She ultimately testified with the assistance of a comfort dog.  The child will undoubtedly suffer a very long time because of the defendant’s actions.”

At the sentencing hearing, Brown urged the Court to impose a significant prison sentence for the defendant’s egregious conduct.  She recommended that Judge Garcia take into consideration the threat the defendant posed to public safety, his previous convictions for similar conduct and refusal to change his behavior.  Judge Garcia agreed with the State and sentenced the defendant to 450 months in prison (37.5 years). 

Judge Sentences Man to 14 Months in Jail for Role in 2017 Crash - 01/04/19

HILLSBORO, Ore.- Today, Judge Andrew R. Erwin sentenced Darby Andrew McBride to jail time and probation for his role in a 2017 crash which caused life-threatening injuries to off-duty Tigard Police Officer Matthew Barbee. See our previous press release on this case here.

McBride was sentenced to 14 months in jail and three years of probation for his convictions of Assault in the 3rd Degree, Reckless Driving and Criminal Mischief in the 2nd Degree. McBride was also ordered to complete 250 hours of community service and will have his license suspended for five years. He will also be required to undergo an alcohol and substance abuse evaluation and comply with all medical advice regarding his narcolepsy.

Mr. Barbee’s wife, Sherrie Utley, gave an emotional victim impact statement imploring the judge to hand down the maximum possible sentence in the case. You can read her full statement here.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Jeff MacLean prosecuted the case and was pleased with the sentence handed down by the judge.

“Safety concerns on our roadways don’t just involve alcohol or controlled substances. Drives must take steps to ensure they are operating their vehicles in a safe manner—and that includes taking into account any medical conditions which may put themselves or others at risk. We hope this sends a clear message to the residents of Washington County that we will take all steps necessary to protect our citizens and hold those who put everyone at risk responsible,” MacLean said.

McBride was taken into custody after he was convicted by the jury and will serve the rest of his time at the Washington County Jail.

Attached Media Files: McBride_sentencing.pdf
Washington County Man Sentenced to 130 Months in Prison for Domestic Violence Charges (Photo) - 12/28/18

HILLSBORO, Ore.- On December 20, 2018, Judge Janelle Factora Wipper sentenced Patrick Michael Paluda to 130 months in prison after a Washington County jury found him guilty of multiple charges brought against him by Senior Deputy District Attorney John Gerhard. Paluda was found guilty of Assault in the Second-Degree, Coercion, Strangulation, Menacing, Felon in Possession of a Firearm and multiple drug-related charges.

Paluda was arrested in June of 2018 by members of the Inter-agency Washington County Tactical Negotiations Team (TNT), or SWAT. Officers were dispatched to a home Paluda was renting after a neighbor called 911 to report shouting and a possible domestic disturbance there. When officers first arrived, they found the female victim screaming for help as she tried to escape the home by scaling a fence in the backyard.

After further investigation, Washington County Sheriff’s Office Detectives Pat Tapley and Mark Povolny found evidence that Paluda was holding the victim against her will. He screwed all windows and doors shut and modified a garage door handle so that it would lock from the outside, trapping the victim in his home. He also threatened her with a gun, making her fear for her safety if she tried to leave. When he returned home that day, he began an assault on the victim that lasted several hours.

The Washington County District Attorney’s Office takes domestic violence very seriously. In this case, we observed an escalating level of violence that spanned nearly a year and a half.  While the victim was reluctant to participate in this prosecution, the criminal justice system is sometimes obligated to intervene and ensure the safety of everyone in our community.

If you suspect someone is in an abusive relationship, call law enforcement immediately. You can also report the abuse by calling the Domestic Violence Resource Center’s 24-hour crisis line at 866-469-8600. You can also visit our website to find more information and resources.

Robert Alan Stewart
Robert Alan Stewart
Man Sentenced to 75 Months in Prison for Sex Crime (Photo) - 12/27/18

HILLSBORO, Ore.- On December 18, 2018, Robert Alan Stewart pleaded guilty to Rape in the Second-Degree and was sentenced to 75 months in prison. Judge Charles Bailey oversaw the case.

This case began in 2013, when Stewart met his female victim online. He was 27-years-old at the time but claimed to be 19. His victim was 13-years-old. He gave the victim alcohol and marijuana and engaged in sexual intercourse with her several times.

The crimes didn’t come to light until 2018, when a School Resource Officer with the Tigard Police Department learned of possible abuse involving the victim. Detective John Shipley of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office took over the investigation and arrested Stewart a short time later.

Stewart was also convicted of Sexual Abuse in the Second-Degree in 2014 in an unrelated case also involving a juvenile victim. Based on this pattern of conduct, investigators fear there could be additional victims.

Anyone with information related to possible crimes involving Stewart should call law enforcement right away. You can also report these types of crimes anonymously by calling the Child Abuse Reporting hotline at 503-731-3100.