Included with Premium Accounts: News Media Monitoring

FlashAlert distributes YOUR news. 
FA now shows you YOUR results:

Included in your FlashAlert premium subscription at no additional cost is media monitoring by Your News Inc.

FlashAlert and YNI have partnered for several years, but now, your premium subscription to FlashAlert includes free local TV/Radio/Newspaper/Online media reports showing exactly where your news was used (for clients new to YNI).  Additional YNI services are available to FA clients at a greatly reduced rate.

Here is a sample report for Portland Police:

Ashley Massey with the Oregon State Marine Board uses both services.

“We use FlashAlert to distribute the agency’s news releases to specific media outlets, depending on the target audience and area where we’re hoping to get coverage,” she says. “FlashAlert is a one-stop portal to easily distribute important local or statewide news to media outlets and subscribers about, for example, “all things recreational boating.”

Similarly, YNI is a one-stop portal that captures the media outlets who shared news releases or other media stories using key terms and words important for the client. Together, these portals provide an A-to-Z solution for your outbound news and inbound media coverage. You control news that goes out to the public (via FlashAlert) and what news actually gets reported (via Your News Inc). Your News Inc’s portal also enables the end user to view, edit and archive tv and radio segments.

On your account management page, you’ll find a checkbox to activate Media Monitoring.  Once you click this, Mike at will contact you for the information needed to start providing you with your free local media monitoring reports and tell you about statewide and national monitoring options also available.