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FlashAlert® collects emergency messages and news releases from 2,130 schools, colleges, fire and police departments, hospitals, businesses, government offices, utilities and other organizations in Portland/Salem/SW Washington and distributes them to the news media via a continuously updated website and e-mails. It also automatically places emergency information into the websites of participating stations and newspapers and can send it directly to the public.

FlashAlert Portland has two service tiers available. Due to the huge number of organizations that want to make weather closure announcements, not all organizations can be served with on-air messages. But most can be accommodated through the media’s websites. Thus, two tiers – based on organization size and type – are available.

1. The free basic tier is for churches, small schools, preschools and other groups of at least 40 people.

You may be asked for verification of size, because the media can be overwhelmed with too much info. It is free of charge and puts your emergency information onto the websites of the Portland TV stations and iHeart Media radio stations, but not on air. You may register under four categories: private schools/day cares, churches, businesses, and organizations. You will see your posted information on these sites:
Register here for the basic service, if you meet the minimum size requirement.

2. The premium tier is for groups that meet the size requirements below, as well as all government offices, police departments, etc.

Like the basic service, the information you post is placed on TV and radio websites. It also is delivered to all newsrooms (TV, radio, daily/weekly newspapers) for on-air use, and TV screen crawls. This service includes access to news release distribution, account customization to reach people other than the media and the optional FlashAlert Messenger system detailed below. Private schools, post-secondary schools and organizations must have at least 125 students/participants, and businesses must have at least 200 employees or daily customer traffic.
Register here for the premium service, if you meet the minimum size requirement.

Please note that to protect your organization from false reports, your account must be authenticated – which may take several hours – so please register in advance of needing the service. No service is available for fewer than 40 people.

More about FlashAlert premium service

• Emergency Communications

Clients can start at a web page where they can view the real-time status of other organizations. After logging in and posting, they get a confirmation email.

Information is distributed to the news media in three ways.

  1. Your information posts into a page for the media (FlashAlertPortland.net) as soon as it is received. The media monitors the page, which automatically refreshes every 10 minutes. When the browser detects new information during a reload, it puts an alert up on the screen, even if the page is minimized.
  2. New or changed information is e-mailed to newsrooms at the addresses they provide every 15 minutes on snow days, and immediately for single events.
  3. Every 10 minutes, the info is “pushed” into news media web sites and for premium-tier clients, TV “crawls” or “tickers.” The information automatically appears on their web pages, where the public can view it. Click here for an example of TV station web use. At 5 p.m., the system deletes the information and subscribers may begin placing information regarding the next day, for use in 6, 10 and 11 p.m. television newscasts. Postings before 5 p.m. can be flagged that they pertain to the next day and are not deleted at 5 p.m.

The public can see your information on TV and radio stations and their websites, as well as on a page for just your org to which you can link. The optional FlashAlert Messenger (see below) allows you to send messages directly to parents, staff, students and others at the same time as the media.

What kind of emergency information is appropriate for FlashAlert?

FlashAlert provides the news media with local, accurate, time-sensitive information that impacts a large number of people. Airtime is in great demand during emergency situations. The news media will air information they deem appropriate; you will have greater success if you give them only what you really need to communicate.

• News Releases

FlashAlert’s second premium “channel” emails non-emergency news releases. You choose which cities you wish your releases to be sent to, based on whether it is a local or regional issue. You can upload photos or PDFs or even a sound or video clip. You can have a preview emailed to yourself or anyone else you choose.

Newsrooms get hundreds of emails per day; FlashAlert helps them filter this mail and see items from local organizations first. The news releases are available on an archive web page for one month. You also can save a release as a draft, and even schedule it for future delivery.



FlashAlert distributes to all media – radio, TV and daily/weekly newspapers – in the cities you choose. National media, too, if warranted.

Customization and Your Organization’s Own Page

In addition, you can add into your account the e-mail addresses of “Business Partners” – people whom you would like to receive your emergency message and/or news release (in addition to the news media). And any time an organization’s name shows up to the media, it is as a link to the organization’s home page, enabling the media to quickly get to their site.

Does your org have a Facebook or Twitter account? FlashAlert can post your emergency messages to your feeds. If you manually delete a message in FlashAlert, it also is removed from FB/TW. If the message reaches its delete time, the message stays on your page.

Organizations have a link to their FlashAlert information. This page brings together each organization’s emergency messages, news releases and news conferences. No more need to update your web site manually – just link from your home page. Click here to see the page for Oregon State Police.

FlashAlert Messenger: News direct to the Public

Messenger is a companion service where the public, including parents, employees, reporters, etc., may self-register up to three email addresses and receive your information at the same time as the news media. When the public registers, they trigger test messages to make sure they’ve entered addresses correctly and that messages get past their spam filters. Each summer, an opt-in message is sent to keep the database current. Text message addresses are discouraged due to the delays caused by cell companies and them truncating messages.

Even faster is the free iOS/Android app FlashAlert Messenger, which allows the public to receive push notifications of your emergency messages – much faster and more reliable than text messaging. They also can view all emergency items and news releases in the system.

New is the ability to add sub-organizations so your constituents can subscribe to get org-specific news. A school district, for example, could make each school a sub-org. In fact, FlashAlert allows you to add a third sub-org level, so you could send news about a specific school’s PTO or Band Boosters. A police department might set up sub-orgs for their precincts, and be able to target news releases to people subscribed to that precinct, as well as the news media. Even newer is the ability to create an account or sub-account that limits subscribers to those who have a specific email suffix, in the event you want to keep some communications restricted (such as messaging employees about when to report).

There is no charge to the public for the Messenger service; the annual cost to an organization is 20¢ per subscriber for the first 1,000, then 10¢ per subscriber thereafter. Click here for sample text you can use to explain to the public how to sign up for FlashAlert Messenger.

We discourage text messages, in favor of push notifications through the Messenger app. Text messages are a major problem, being subject to delay or deletion by the cell companies, as well as some companies cutting off text messages at 160 characters. If someone simply must get a text message, they can enter their address manually (i.e. 8005551212@txt.att.net for AT&T).

Speed and Reliability

News editors prefer emails, since the info can be forwarded and copy/pasted. They are faster than faxes, more accurate than phone calls. FlashAlert is redundant in that stations can see information as it is posted (media web pages update automatically every 10 minutes with an alert function) or by the e-mails.

While FlashAlert resides on a group of servers with multiple power supplies, the Internet is an unregulated medium and performance cannot be guaranteed. Also, subscribers should take into account the reliability of their own Internet service provider (ISP) through which they access the network, as well as their home/office power supply. For redundancy, it is advisable to be able to call a colleague in another part of town, who uses a different ISP, to be your backup. The FlashAlert web sites are tested every 20 minutes by an independent monitoring company.


FlashAlert has managed emergency communications for the school districts in the Portland area for 38 years. In 2000, the nearly unlimited capacity of the Internet created the opportunity to bring in other regions and organizations. Users benefit from easy access to the news media, while the news media benefit from having an information clearinghouse. The automated nature of the network keeps costs low.

Here’s who is using FlashAlert in the Portland area: Participant list


Click on the link and choose your region to see annual fees for unlimited use (September-August billing cycle, pro-rated after January 1). View fee schedule.

Renewal by credit card

You may renew your existing account by check or by credit card through PayPal below. You do not need a PayPal account, you can make a one-time payment. On the page where you see “Price per Item,” enter the invoice amount.

Organization name or invoice #

Try It

Take FlashAlert for a test drive. Click here for a “dummy” zone.

• New Option: News Media Monitoring

FlashAlert sent your release to dozens of newsrooms. So who used it?

We know how fast FlashAlerts reach newsrooms because clients tell me their phones start ringing mere minutes after they post a release! But how do you know if a newsroom in another city ran it? That’s where YourNewsInc.net (YNI), a media tracking service based in the NW, comes in. FlashAlert (FA) is partnering with YNI so that you can have pickups tracked and reported back to you – by city, state or nationwide.

FA is making you aware of the YNI service, which in return, is suggesting FA to their clients. (This is a referral arrangement only and neither company will be funding the other. We just want you to know about the best tools out there!).

YNI scours news broadcasts and the Internet locally, regionally and nationally looking for your stories, and reporting the results back to you. The reports cover TV, radio, print and social media. It details estimated viewers and what the coverage is worth. You can see an actual monitoring report for Portland Police at: www.flashalertnewswire.net/MonitoringReport.html   Note that within the report, you can view/listen to the actual newscasts of your story. And the printed info can be copy/pasted.

FA subscribers get a 60% discount on YNI services.

                                    Single item                      All releases for a month             All releases for a year
One TV market               $25                                             $75                                              $500
Northwest                       $50                                             $100                                           $800
Nationwide                     $75                                             $150                                          $1500

To get started, log into your FlashAlert account and go to your account management page. You’ll find a new Monitoring section with a checkbox to activate it. YNI will work with you to set up an account. Then, each time you post a news release, you’ll have a new checkbox on the posting page to have YNI monitor media for your story by TV market, state or national; send you the results; and charge your credit card accordingly.

For more info about being a FlashAlert client, use the form below or contact
Craig Walker, FlashAlert Founder and Customer Care Agent,  971 ** 772 ** 1850

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