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Welcome to FlashAlert Newswire/Messenger/Monitor

Reach the Media with FA Newswire
Reach the Public with FA Messenger
Monitor your Coverage with YourNewsInc

The FlashAlert system distributes emergency messages, such as breaking news or weather closure information, and news releases, to the media and the public, and reports the results to you.

Newswire provides information to the media for broadcast and web display. In addition, each member organization has its own web page where the public can see their closure status and latest news.

Messenger allows the public to subscribe to the messages posted on Newswire, receiving the information as emails and “push notifications” through a free phone app. There is no cost to the public to view the information or subscribe to messages (if the school/org offers subscriptions).

Monitor – now free to premium clients – provides you with complete copies of your news as reported in newspapers, TV, radio and social media by TV market, state or nationwide.

Read about FlashAlert’s latest enhancements here!

Celebrating 44 years of news distribution – 1979-2023

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